To all the build and guide makers

(Sheriff) #1

Take heed:

(Where's lucky?) #2

…where is the dislike button when you need one. Thanks for the heads up chuck.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #3

[Or you can use relative links. This should link to the Battleborn section even after the domain name change.][1]
[1]: /c/battleborn

[Your Link Title][#]
[#]: /directory

Basically remove the “” from any link and follow the format above = relative link.

Here is an example:

[Link to this thread][3]
[3]: /t/to-all-the-build-and-guide-makers/7456

[Link to this thread][4]
[4]: /t/to-all-the-build-and-guide-makers/7456

If your guide contains a lot of numbers be sure the [#] is unique for each links.

New Forum Feedback Thread
(Sheriff) #4

That’s a great way to preemptively change links so that they work both before and after the change.
thanks Abvex :slight_smile:

(Cast Iron Chef) #5

Lovely. I’ll have to update my links then. :angry: Thanks for the head’s up, Chuck.