To all the rage quitters out there

Pls for the life of all things holy stop rage quitting in the middle all a pvp match

This is literally every match I get

Oh I wanted that character. DISCONNECT

Oh I was the first to die ALLY LEFT THE MATCH

Oh our sentry took a minor shield hit. ALLY LEFT THE MATCH

Oh our sentry took damage ALLY LEFT THE MATCH

Oh look we just got screwed by rage quitters. SURRENDER

seriously if you not gonna stay and help them this game is clearly not for you pls don’t make other people suffer


Lol you should see how bad it is for Australians… We play game after game red barring and tolerating horrible amounts of lag that make half the characters near unplayable, then finally we get a green bar game but the enemy team is red barring so they either quit or vote for surrender at the earliest possible opportunity EVERY TIME.

We Aussies will be the best BB players in the world when we get our own dedicated servers :wink:

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The amount of practice you Aussie guys are getting, I highly doubt that :joy:… I really feel for you guys though, in the UK (on PS4)… Got no problems getting a game, and even when playing alongside the Americans, game lag is at a minimum… Hope they sort you guys out soon, there is only so long people can put up with being shafted.

Yeah I play with a few Brits and they all green bar in EU lobbies WTF!? Meanwhile we Aussies red bar in every lobby lol. I don’t have internet for another week due to moving but I’m kinda glad to give BB a break, I love the game but the constant red bar becomes VERY frustrating lol.

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There was a night I had a constant red bar, sometimes touching Amber… And I must admit the game was frustratingly unplayable… I give up after an hour of that, luckily the day after it was back to normal as it turned out to be my provider, I had a lot more deaths than usual that night too… Gearbox need to get their heads together and help you guys, nearly all server problem post are coming from Austrailan player base…

I put my experience down to that one night only, and even that was enough if I ever experienced issues like that daily, I’d send the game back after a few days…

My W:L is 70% and not that it’s an important stat but my K:D is over 2, oddly enough my two highest kill games with Thorn were on red bar. I get green bar maybe 1/10 games.

I’ve learned to compensate with Thorn, just re-position Blight and lead a little further with her arrows, but melee is almost impossible on red bar and that sucks so much because I love Phoebe and play her a lot.

Edit: It’s so bad with Phoebe that True Strike actually propels me backwards, since it’s integral to her kit it’s almost impossible to kill enemy Battleborn without the slow and even then a lot of my hits don’t register.