To all those average gamners out there

I love playing borderlands 2. I am a very average gamer, but nonetheless its kept me totally entertained since it was launched. I never ventured into UVHM, simply because I don’t have the time to farm regularly, dislike the need to use slag so much instead of the just using the weapons you find along the way, and, well, just not fast enough to play at this level.

I watched the video’s of course, admired the amazing skills that so many players have, and the depth of their understanding into the mechanics of the game. But of course its always bothered me, as to how an ordinary player can beat UVHM solo. Well, eventually I figured out what I did have was knowledge of the game flow. So finally, after 4 plus years, I attempted it.

For all those players like me, I found a formula that got me to the end game. I thought I would share how an ordinary player can beat the beat the game solo.

  • Start of with the siren. With phaselock and cloud kill, those enemies which rush you are easily controlled. For ordinary players, armored manics, rabbids, and badass psychos are problematic.

  • Secondly start at 50. Any longer, an ordinary player finds themselves hopeless outgunned against the re-gen of the enemies.

  • Thirdly, as soon as you get to Sanctuary open the golden chest, and then update the Moxxi fire and corrosive SMG. Keep these guns updated right through UVHM.

  • Fourthly, go and do the easy, strategic missions

    • Do the Mercenary Day to get the loot train (especially for shields and relics). Moxxi fire SMG gets the job done on the snowman.
    • Get to the treeants for the Bee
    • Go the Badass crater (just after you meet Piston) to work the vending machine inside for a DPUH, Ravenger and Kerblastrer (using the second controller trick).
    • Knuckledragger of course is the final easy boss to the Hornet.

Once you have worked your way through these early stages of the add on packs, keep them open, as every time you go back there, they are at your level.

The first character through of course is the hardest. I dedicated half a level to run through the plan above, and then half a level to manage the game’s missions. I beat Jack at 63.

The final piece of advise for ordinary players, is keep a mule for each level. As I passed through each level, I kept the legendaries and any else I found of interest in a level mule for the next character (and then enjoyed the game more without the need to farm so often). I beat the game (Axton then Maya) at around 58.

It goes without saying that you should listen to the game experts via you-tube, especially on set up and relics/mods. Regardless, a solo, average player me can beat UVHM solo, without the need for any party tricks, dupes or other cheats.


uvhm really is not hard if you slag and farm for good gear. if you aren’t willing to do those things then it can be tough

farming does not take all that long anymore either with the 10% drop rates. you can easily get a hornet whenever you want for armored enemies. you can get a harold from the torgue machines whenever you need one too

the only problem is its kind of boring farming petes bar, but you will be set if you do it


As a fellow average player who’s now gotten four characters to level 72, I totally agree with this. Not only is it possible, it can also be tremendous fun once you reach the higher levels and the game opens up. I did take a slightly different route - playing multiple characters, gear got passed down regularly through the stash. It’s definitely do-able though.


Yeah I don’t disagree. I always do the side mission to get the Slagga when it comes up and return every couple of levels to keep it as an offensive weapon as well with the Bee. And I use the Hornet as well. Just that the Siren (which I originally used the least before they upped cloud kill) made the first pass through much easier and got a better understanding of proper tactics. I prefer the decoys with the turret and the mechro because it gives me time to react but the siren really makes it easier. Not to mention loot midgets and tubbys

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Nice advice. The only thing I would say is that you might want to separate your paragraphs with a space- not that I’m a language cop but with that much text it’s a bit easier for me to read (wearing bifocals help- envious of those that don’t need them :grinning:…)


UVHM pretty much saved borderlands for me.
Before it came out I’d fell into the “evil smasher” trap.

I had watched vids of people soloing raid bosses , copied their set up exactly and then proceeded to swiftly perish.

I used to tell myself they were obviously cheating , and so I used the glitch to easy mode the endgame because I was too lazy to learn the mechanics properly.

This caused the game to stale really quickly , because there was zero challenge.

When UVHM dropped and the Evil Smasher/ammo gltch was patched I had no choice but to put a bit of effort in and learn how to play the game.
Once I did there was so much more satisfaction from it.

Ive since took all but Zero to 72 , and I am up to OP6 with two characters. And im definately just an average gamer. I used to think raid bosses were just for youtubers!

I believe anyone can complete UVHM , and its well worth the effort.


I know your pain…:nerd:


I don’t wear bifocals. I wear two different pairs of glasses. Still a pain, but I get full field of vision on my monitor that way without having to move my head up and down. I’ll probably end up looking like Professor Branestorm (a character from a series of kids books I had when growing up who always had at least six pairs of glasses on - and falling off - his head.)


Single vision glasses wearing badass checking in! I really should clean them though…