To all those cr*p mikos

We all know that a good Miko can make a huge difference to the team but I am seriously pissed off with those who cannot be bothered to heal, last couple of games in partciular I had a pleasure to play with those who I think should never touch a support class. If me as Klesse and someone else as Reyna can outheal Miko and do 2-3 times more damage then what good is he for?
Heres some examples which are not by any means extraodrinary (!)

Despite using a Miko this guy just seemed not to care about healing anyone, I believe he was level 30? so not a beginer.

With how they are designed, especially in eldrid light groups, shield healing will always have inflated numbers over miko. Reyna can overshield every time it’s on cooldown, even if noone needs it.

You might have bad mikos, but frankly if noone takes any health damage (or minimal) thanks to kleese/reyna shields, it might not be that mikos fault.

I agree a lot with the OP… Many Mikos just don’t every attempt to heal people. Like the majority of mikos I’ve had on my teams just don’t do it.

As far as Reyna’s healing abilities, she can pack a punch on the heal field. She heals on the shield for both her and the player she hit. Then if you have mastered Reyna like I have you’ll get the Named legendary for her which allows you to shoot your pulse shot and heal your teammates as well… Each shot late game is in the low 100s. Set it up with the helix that makes your pulse shot not heat up while an overshield is active and then add in the extra 6s on the shield… I’m able to keep the heals coming on someone for awhile. Reyna saves lives alot… Like ALOT… Girl goes hard… But Miko’s typically seem to out Damage Reyna’s, those knives man. Sheet.

All Kleese has to do is be beside one or more players and they get healed while also being able to do dps. Mikos team heal is on like 55 sec cool down, miko is great for single target healing but it’s no surprise if a kleese out healed a miko while also doing more damage.

Miko can team heal as well using Biosynthesis, but it also has a cooldown and requires Miko to stand near it’s teammates. Still, the skill is like Kleese’s, except his is always on, isn’t it? Whereas Miko has to wait for the cooldown to reapply it.

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