To any gearbox developer or moderator

Hi guys, great game keep up the good work!

But, the game has 2 major time-consuming problems.

  1. Add multiple quest tracking on the map.
    Because I need to, open inventory, open quests, select quests, close quest menu, open map,
    look for it on the map. Close map, repeat. It becomes pain and time consuming when you have more than 2-3 side quests. Often I finish the quest, go back to quest giver, just to find out that the next quest was almost at the same place where I just came from.
    So why force people to memorize something that become standard a decade ago…

  2. The main source of income/money is selling weapons,
    90% of weapon drops and from crates are for sale.
    add the third action when looking at weapon on the ground,

  • one is picking it up,
  • second is pick and equip,
    third should be pick up and mark as junk.

If the sniper is on the ground I look at it and compare it with my sniper in hand, it is worse,
pick up and mark as junk. Saves a lot of time when selling full inventory.

Could you please make this happen?


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If you are playing on the PC, the ] and [ keys will cycle through your quests, allowing you to choose which one is currently active. I have no idea if the console versions have a similar button.

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Yeah, you can simply push left or right on the D-pad to cycle through the quests you have. It even shows you that under the name of the quest. Nice feature.

It does not work while you are in the map / while map is open,
Even if it works, same problem, just 1 step less.

Yeah, I think the op wants to track multiple quests at once, which does seem a reasonable quality of life request.

The best I’ve been able to do with what we currently have is to look on the map and try to remember where all the different quest objectives are located before setting out.

Granted you can switch between the quests but I like my weapons bound to those hot keys.

Honestly, if they would just fix the menu lag,but would be the same as BL2 and that was functional enough no for me.

Even still, it’s almost 2020, we should be able to track mutltiple quests AND have more controller bindings.

I would suggest 1 thing: Let us skip cutscenes. at least after the first playthrough.

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+1 from me, but that is once every 20+ hours,
inventory and selling them is all the time…
tracking quests is all the time…

I’ve done two by selecting one mission, eye-balling where it is, then selecting the second and dropping the custom way-point as close as possible to the first.

I’ve played games where you can have multiple quests marked at the same time, and it can get a bit confusing. As a compromise, having the main quest and then maybe one active side quest (different colour and/or shape marker) on the same map would be a nice feature.

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I can dig it!