To anyone saying alani is op


You’re looking at a thread from 6 days ago. I’ve said that I agreed that her dps was too high after multiple days of play time as alani…

Wasn’t directed specifically at you. It was the comments in general that I was referring to. The thread as a whole regarding people’s first impressions

Oh ok sorry for the misinterpretation there.

I’m not gonna state an opinion since it’s been back and forth… but it has been a week and one day now for a lot of people, I usually get an alani every other match and have been since she came out. We are starting to form an idea of her

My one problem with her is she can zero to full a lot of people’s health, and do almost the same for her own just by fighting you. Whether or not that makes her op I can’t really say. All I know is she’s very tanky but very small. Her sprint speed is super slow compared to other eldrid, which hinders her ability to rescue compared to reyna, so as of now, she takes no one’s cake, but she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

No worries, I wasn’t trying to call you out but thats what happens when i link a thread

Your topic is bad though.

Personally I think thr issue is her late game. In incursion she dose not function nearly as well as in meltdown or in Capture where she is one of the best characters especially when she glues herself to a character like Montana or Galilea. When she lvs fast and gets more attack speed and her ult pluse you add a range buff she becomes a walking turret of sorts that is self sustainable via hp regen and healling. If I understand correctly she has passive hp regen yes? This is probably what makes her si hard to kill. She can hold people off while also doing damage and lastly healing herself. Like Montana she has 2 cc skills that make her able to just push off any incoming foes. She is fast so after that she can re position easily or choose to stand her ground. Most other high damage dealers do not possess that kind of cc and escape power at a basic level. What I am trying to get at is she like Galilea maybe a bit to loaded with all her assets to be considered balanced. I would not say op unlike Galilea was easy to deal damage and stay alive without much thought as well as had advanced methods of pushing beyond reasonable play. Alani is not a just run in and win character you haft to play yo a spicific set of tools to become powerful.

I hate playing both sides but honestly she needs some tweaking but not an out right nurf gun to the face.

Wait what??

Alani is not OP iv read most the comments in this thread

Alani with no osmosis stacks heal for 87 with animation so she cannot spam it with full osmosis stacks she heals 800ish with helix its 900ish but it also reduce her minimal healing so that 87 will be a lot lower it seems that each osmosis orb gives 235 ish healing per osmosis orb which also gets lowered once u pick the helix to heal more at max stack

Alani takes about 10 seconds to get full stack of osmosis without any helix 6-7 seconds with torrent helix upgrades and 3 seconds with riptide upgrade at a cost of a cooldown but to generate stacks quickly she needs to hit ENEMIES to get the stacks without enemies or if players body block her it takes longer to get the stacks to burst heal 1 player

Alani can only heal herself for HALF of the well spring heal which is 300 -400 AT MAX OSMOSIS its a lot less with less stacks

Also she does not have consent damage reduction when she heals this only effects when u use MAXIMUM osmosis stacks which then provide the 30% DR

Alani is crippled in healing if she cannot attack stuff or body blocking prevents her getting osmosis stacks

Riptide heals very small amount of hp if players stay within the field if u exit the field all healing is lost

Geyser require time to erupt and is easy to dodge as long as u keep moving even with the 30% reduce erupt time u can dodge the knock up

Also alani is easy to counter just stun her or silence her when she reach 50% as this is normally when they heal them self… also she neeeds no one to be around to heal herself as it priorities minions or players before her even if there at max health

Alani is fine and have some issues she needs better ways to generate osmosis stacks to gain the buffs it provides at max stacks which is damage reduction, movement speed

If ur dying to alani its a serious L2P issue

she is good at clearing minion waves at the cost of slow as having a dot on riptide is on the same tier so its a slow vs dot

Also alani dies super quick vs majority of the characters all u need is a stun, knock up, silence and she dies within seconds… a shayne/galt can pull her in to her death this how easy it is to kill alani

“if ur dying as alani its a serious L2P issue”
Don’t use this kind of argument. Really.

-Stack atk spd and healing, and you’ll get a 500-600 heal burst every 4 or 5 seconds, not a skill so no cooldown.
-Even less with the Osmosis Helix choices (Both the one that reduce the number of hits needed, and the one with Riptide)
-You can slow, push, or knock up and stun someone if you want to. Also adding +30% damage to them as they remain high up for everyone to see, with an easy way to do crits. Awesome.
-Her ult can reset her other skills cooldown.
-Probably the smallest hitbox ever.
-Near instant Geyser with an helix choice (Because why not)
-Riptide can clear a minion wave by itself. (Orendi? What Orendi?)
-30% damaged reduction, yay.
-Ranged, so she can stack Osmosis at range to avoid any danger until it’s full.

All of this together make her broken.
She can’t 1v3 now that she have less health, but she still can 1v2, or wipe an entire team 1 by 1.
And if there is a Reyna in her Team, don’t even bother to try.

Also, most peoples agree she is broken, even the devs. You are beating a dead horse.

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I agree. Alani can be very effecient on PvP, but when she’s caught alone she is easy to kill regardless if she has more than two abilities. But according to Gearbox, they’re already working on “fixing” her.

I know right!

Come on guys! You just need to press your universal stun, knock up, silence button that we know ALL the characters have and instant Alani death…easy peasy.

You guys need to L2P, like for reals.


Okay. Less sarcasm, please. It doesn’t translate well, and it’s not constructive.

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When I play as her, I almost ALWAYS top the dmg charts.
People that are saying they Crush Alani, please post your games screen shots.

I think that the only problem with her right now is her 30% damage amp it’s way too high for the fact that you go into the air into a giant water bubble

The bubble lasts too long. If you get caught and you’re anywhere near her teammates or within eyesight of ranged opponents it’s over.

Whereas you can have Alani cornered with an attacker and she can still get away from what should be an automatic death.

Not to mention the fact that the dreaded Miko/Alani combo makes it about fifteen times more difficult to deal with. The fun of having so many characters is that it promises a variety of matches but you’really almost guaranteed to have an Alani on one or both teams and probaby a Miko or Ambra.

oh boy she can still 1v3…i am rolling her with atk speed/max. health, heal power/healing received and max. health/max. health which ends up in 1900 and something hp.

i hate to play against a team with a skilled alani without having one on mine, she makes the difference in a game way too often. that’s why i end up using her on my own quite frequently, but as soon as the match ends and i see my stats i feel dirty for using her.

i think one of the reasons why you see her so often is that, especially in solo qeueing, you can hold your ground without needing help from your mates

Are the devs planning on balancing her further? Alani is quickly sucking the fun out of PvP for me, for all the reasons mentioned above, and more.

Yes, the reduced health is a temporary hotfix.

In light of this, this thread is redundant, please carry on in this thread that discusses balance.