To anyone still playing the game:


/20 characters.


testing the few changes

hoping the game will one day to be finished and getting something to keep me playing

other then that i’m not playing much


I’m having fun, which is the point of video games


mods/new playthroughs greens vs tvhm m0 is about best experience in every borderlands game

it is crazy for how little i play tho i still clocked in 1000+ hours that is how much i love borderlands but gearbox took all the wrong decisions i feared they would since the day i understood game mechanically, and saw what anoints did.


Gameplay and build diversity.


Killing things, collect goodies, have fun? Get completely obsessed with a subpar gun and use it?
Take a look at the ambiental details and macroview? Uhm… Claptrap? Finding a gun that fits my Crazy Earl build?


I still have tons of weapons/items that I haven t really used, I want to kill everything with as many different loadouts possible.


I switched from PS4 to PS5, but couldn’t be bothered transferring more than one VH so I’m building more. Currently perfecting my OP Corrosive uRad CubRender Moze. Might post the build when I’m done.

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I see fun game, I boot fun game, I play fun game.

Like Caesar, only far less dramatic.


Oh yeah, forgot mods :rofl:

New redux is coming! :grin:

Still haven’t bought SP2 though hahaha :joy:


I have a form of Autism (Not making some dumb joke) and therefore a narrow, obsessive range of interests. I play one game more than others for freaking months and the RNG stuff in this doesn’t help. Not to mention I like taking records of dialogue from the game and i still feel there are still some left to find.

Also almost everything everyone else said so far.


Same here :wink:

I have hundreds of games, yet play a few (and play those obsessively)

I was so stoked when they announced BL3… But i never really got into it and went back to playing the other games (BL2, D2/3, torchlight and some other stuff like overwatch)

Still can’t put my finger on it why i can’t enjoy this game like i enjoy the others.
gameplay is awesome but for some reason i have no trouble finding good gear and so the game ends up easy really fast. and handicapping myself isn’t really my thing haha


Nope. Not at all. Been playing Genshin Impact and picked up BL1 again, and also recently got Outriders (yesterday). I’ve got enough games to scratch that loot based itch to wait until BL4. As much as I’d like to play BL3 more, I got my money’s worth out of it between launch and M2.0.

Same here. I used to be glued to BL3 and even after M2.0 I kept playing for a bit despite always feeling resentful. Honestly I only tried Genshin out of desperation. I didn’t think I’d end up liking it as much as I do.

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Positive answer: The gameplay has fun elements.

Honest answer: The game doesn’t respect my time.

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I mean… you’re the one using that time.

I seriously wish I had the space for that game…

I only got into Borderlands long after the release and bought it just before Krieg came out. I guess I should be grateful that I wasn’t a fan yet and skipped out on all the… drama? Suffering? Weariness? Whatever you call it.

I actually play 3 more than the others. Gameplay and leveling wise it’s far more satisfactory. I feel there’s no sweet spot that’s worth getting to in BL2 and TPS gets kinda repetitive. I mostly just play the latter for dialogue options.


For me it’s the the opposite hehe

I still have stuff to do in BL2 where i already did everything in BL3 (appart from 2nd boss in GTD and SP2)

Not that BL3 is a bad game though haha :wink:

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I haven’t played BL3 in months although I nearly did this past weekend. The biggest sin IMO is a lack of memorable villains- it was going to be nearly impossible to beat Jack in that regard but man- the Calypso Twins more annoying than evil. Maybe if they had been built up to by having some mention of them in the Commander Lilith dlc for BL2- something that gave them an opportunity to be more menacing… Also, Mayhem 2 really didn’t help either (and only M11 makes any of that bearable). It’s a decent game but it never really took hold with a passion like BL2 did, which I got into about 2 years after it came out.

The only other shooter type game I’d played before BL2 was a game called Black (and about 15 minutes of the original Battlefield). Everything about BL2 just hit my occasional OCD hard- I actually put more hours into playing BL2 in a week than I did at work (and I work a 40 hour work week). As I said, BL3 is OK but it it’s just OK- nothing more, nothing less.


Still having fun

Photo mode

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