To anyone still playing the game:

Reset true vault hunter mode: do side quest that reward you with items.

When you find an item you want simply switch to an item you don’t want and swap them.

I messed up because I was going for Everything but forgot to get the Mail rewards first :confused: so unless someone dropped them in game for me I’ll never be able to get on the character aha

I have not been playing since Oct 19, 2020 (that is when I uninstalled BL3 and sought other avenues of mindless entertainment). But today I re-installed in preparation for the Cartel event. I am hoping they combine it with Loot the Universe like they did last year. That was a blast. If not, then my time back in game will be extremely limited as I felt the actual Cartels to be somewhat underwhelming.

Edit: I also forgot that most of my gear was still at level 57 from the last level cap raise, so I guess I will stick around long enough to re-supply my toys.

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Good luck.

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Wouldn’t it be great if they could put some of the good things of BL3 into BL2? Like “slide” and “climb” and steal cars from bad guys, and have a much expanded “secret stash” and be able to teleport from anywhere?


Basically, Diablo 3 higher torment levels make the game harder, and improves your chance at getting good drops. But the drops aren’t scaled higher. If you got the same exact drop somehow in 0 torment vs higher torment, it would be the same drop. It wouldn’t be scaled up. I really do think this is key. The equivalent in Borderlands 3 would be if mayhem 1 and higher all dropped mayhem 0 gear. And, most likely, the mayhem difficulty would scale up slower. Mayhem 10 would probably be closer to Mayhem 5 or less. You would scale up the difficulty by a mayhem level or 2 at a time once you felt like the challenge was getting too easy.

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@Matrixneo42 Wouldn’t this just be the original BL3 Mayhem 1-4 loot system (i.e., before Mayhem 2.0 and weapon scaling came about)? If that’s what you mean, I believe many, many forum members would agree that this was a better system than Mayhem 2.0.

As you increase Mayhem levels, the gear should not get better and skill values should not change - the game should just get more difficult IMO. I hope they will consider this in the future.


I am not sure everyone would agree to that approach.

For instance : This poll is pretty divided,

For me I’d be happier with less light show clutter and less mayhem behaviour that never seems to vary by map, world, dlc, etc, and shield balls that don’t seem to disappear for 50% of the field of view.

I think weapons should scale to the point that instability and limitation is not introduced… If numbers get so high that a large set of weapons cannot be balanced… this is less than ideal as end game becomes a chase for the same kit, same bosses…

Maybe start with negative numbers in early game :thinking:

Nothing is stopping people using lower grade weapons to test themselves…

But any user controls that allow players to increase or decrease spawn count, spawn behaviours (visuals off!, dodge skill, type of enemy, enemy tankiness, etc. would be great) -esp for those with the power PCs :desktop_computer: who could maybe run the game with such crazy difficulty …

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Had a few hundred hours on the old Xbox one even with all the headaches and terrible split screen. Got a series X and have been doing split screen with my nephew and having a blast, it really is a much better game on the new system even though I know some people still have issues. I’m just a huge fan of the series since day one with the original which is still my favorite. Played it off and on for years just to get to 300 total pearlescent items. Currently working on perfect load outs for our loyalty Zanes with only the Krieg dlc, and both takedowns left to finish. Solo I have fun but the co op is what keeps me going cause we just cut up, laugh and have a great time. Prob take a break once the new Minecraft update is out to start a fresh realm but I’m sure we will be back at some point.

I’d pay for these features to be added as a DLC - whenever I hop into BL2, these are the first things I notice. “I have to walk all the way back or save/quit?” I mean, I got used to it previously, but those are such nice additions.


Yeah PS5 runs the game much better than ps4/pro. But I still find the Mayhem light-show a tad slow for a first person shooter.

With the PS5 I truly do appreciate the amazing work that went into the world and model designs of BL3. It seems like there is so much potential for using so many areas of these maps for future content. As there are many places where enemies could spawn more with varying degrees of intensity - even making sort of digistruct peak versions of each map. Where areas open up as progress is made…etc.

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Do you mean all the visual clutter that comes with all the crazy modifiers? If so I agree the game runs great but hell we couldn’t even see anything half the time. As soon as I tried mayhem 11 I haven’t been back…


Yeah exactly that…

Did you mean that you have not been back to the game or back to any other mayhem mode?

No other mayhem mode :joy:


I think so. It coulda/shoulda scaled more granularly.