To anyone that played beta on XB1 & PS4

I played beta on both consoles and buy most my games on PS4 and my XB1 takes the back seat.

I played beta on both consoles and I am confused now. The XB1 version for me had way better control and just felt better. Tighter control and more responsive. Felt like I was playing different versions of the game like a early beta and a more polished version on XB1.

Both my controller are new and I wasn’t using a elite on XB1.

Wanted to ask others what they thought. I can’t make my mind up on what version to buy now.

Shooters with the xbox controller for me are also better, there joysticks have always been more responsive for me.

and this has been try for Xbox and the 360. never liked using a playstation controller for shooters

From what i have heard a lot of issues relating to playstation come from the touch pad. Assuming that BB had touch pad actions which i do not know. that prob was why.

Even if it didnt use touch pad the controller itself has touch pad in it and thats an entire thing to read that would prob slow down input.

I played PC and XB1 dont know about PS4 much, but I try to help with the general stuff.

It was a big noticeable difference when I switch to XB1 and hard to go back to the PS4 version.

Wouldn’t be a big deal but my Xbox Live gold just ran out. I have a unused 12 month code but was leaning to just getting rid of my XB1 since I never use it.

I love this game though. Plan on playing it for along time. Just trying to weigh if its worth getting on XB1 and so on.

If I am not crazy and other people did notice a big difference then XB1 it is.

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this game is making me consider getting the Steam Link to play on my TV best of both worlds.

nope. not only it’s absent on battleborn, can’t really think of a AAA game that uses the pad for gameplay, mostly it replacess select and start and adds touch support for psvita/Android ports.

if anything it shows the leaderboards.

in diablo 3 you use it for entering the inventory but you can also use shortcuts on the directional pad, so even if yours is broken, it’s the only game i own (out of 39) that i can remeber uses the pad for something important

in borderlands2/presequel it also opens the inventory
like i said, it’s mostly for pausing the game.

that’s strange, i felt it the other way around. i have a ps4 and i played half the beta on my cousin’s house, who has a xbone as its main console (i also have an xbone but didn’t played the beta there) and most of the time i feel better control on my ps4.

i think it’s not really more polished, i felt them just the same. then again maybe our attention spans were focused on different aspects.

For this game? Which console do you have more friends on that will also be playing battleborn? Choose that console, battleborn is way more fun with friends.

I have 0 friends on either console. I been a PC gamer the last 15 years and switched to console and left my brothers and friends behind.

The comment about PS4 feeling better. Maybe its just preference. Open beta on PS4 was like 10+ days and I played every night. The last day I played a few hrs on XB1 and it felt so much better. I canceled my ps4 pre order and pre ordered it on xb1.

I still can’t decide what system to get it for. Does PS4 have a deal with the game like DLC 30 days sooner than XB1 and PC or something? Seems like PS4 gets special treatment.

Aww that sucks. If you want I can be your friend on the PS4 version. My tag is rymo- and I main a Miko healer.

My psn is uber_zombie_ i main galilea and boldur but i enjoy every character, i choose whoever i feel balances the team (or someone who gets a bonus lore for pairing such as rath and caldarius)

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Any reason that Playstation would get special treatment is that xbox (Microsoft) has officially decided to stop paying for exclusive content that is not theirs to keep with rise of the tomb raider being the last one. Instead they will own all rights to any game or content they get rights to and just send it out to 3rd parties to be created.

With this said this is the reason playstation is getting alot of things first. In the case of battleborn (correct me if i am wrong), all the dlc should release the same date except playstation players do get something a bit more than pc and xbox.

This being the fact that they get the first dlc and Alani upon launch I believe other than this i think all dlc and releases come the same time accross the board.

This may be a changing point for you but I am loyal to xbox as i feel the community is so much better (except CoD), yes I have played both. I can wait if need be. My bae Phoebe awaits my arrival.

now that’s a dirty move. that’s how rare went south. the only reason i have an xbone is because of killer instinct and gears of war.

im probablly selling it, unless the next borderlands is xbone exclusive (i don’t see that happening), outside that gloomy scenario i don’t see the point in keeping it, as soon as sf5 has a story mode im not touching killer instinct again.

besides, im sure someone in the family wants a cheap xbone.

I’ve been team PlayStation all my life, so I can’t comment on the Xbox (though, I have considered getting one, just because of game exclusivity).

But having played the beta on PS4 and having nothing else to compare it to, I will say I did find some of the controls a bit clunky, I even made a post about it in the bugs section.

It was mainly to do with running, I found the toggles on my controller weren’t as responsive as I’d like, it almost felt like the character didn’t want to run sometimes, no matter how much I clicked in the toggle… Sometimes the character seemed to do a strange ‘run stop run stop’ like motion, instead of a smooth glide run, glitched out slightly… Mainly on grassy spots and water.

That would be my only negative comment with a particular console/control experience… Not sure if this also happened on Xbox.

But I will be playing Battleborn on PS4. As that’s what I preordered before the beta. And because I’m team PlayStation.

Also, I’m not sure what country you are from…
But I’m in Australia and I preordered my copy of Battleborn through eb games.
With your preorder you get the golden character skins for use in the game, and a boxed Battleborn character figure (Also available for PC & Xbox).

Also at Jb hifi in Australia, with your preorder you get the golden character skins for use in the game, and a Battleborn hat/cap (Also available for PC & Xbox).

But i always buy my games as hard copies, I like having the disc. I’m not a digital gamer… So I’m not sure of the bonuses from buying digital.

You’re from Australia and you play on PS4, EXCELLENT! Feel free to add me - Slif_One - I have a Battleborn community with ten players so far who all played the beta with me, I played the beta for 82 hours and 200+ games and I main Deande.

In fact, since we’re all throwing our gamer tags around everyone can add me on PS4 - Slif_One - 82 hours and 200+ games during the open beta and a Battleborn community with ten players who all played the open beta with me, I’d be more than happy to add anyone who adds me to the group as well. I main Deande but also play Phoebe and I’m not afraid to play support if the team needs it though I prefer Reyna over Miko.

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Hey I’m in Australia too. I preordered from jb for the bogan hat. :laughing:

How do you figure its not a dirty move and is rather smart people didnt buy xbone because they realized it was all timed exclusive. They decided no more they wanted there games to be there own and didn’t want in a few months another platform to have it. I actually like this.

Thanks for the responses. Going to go off the open beta for me and XB1 just felt much better so keeping my XB1 even purchased a elite controller today for it.

This game saved my XB1. Had to use my 12 month gold code and bought a elite. Would of preferred it on my PS4 as its a better system and has a bigger player base.

Not sure PS4 users get DLC at launch. Wording is misleading on page. It says on release, but I believe it is refering to release of character and dlc, not release of the game.