To arms - choose PLA member glitch

Hi, we were playing the to arms mission, listened to the guys have their row and now it won’t let us select a member or ‘talk’ to any of them. Have tried restarting game and mission. Have tried selecting them also whilst not in mission. Has anyone got any suggestions or advice? Is it just me? Thanks

Mission always works for me. What platform are you on? What playthrough? Normal, TVHM or UVHM?

I play on ps4 and I have the same exact problem won’t let me choose or talk to any of them wtf?

You could try going back to the place you drop off the weapons to see if you can get the quest dialogue to trigger again. Make sure you have the relevant mission selected as the active one. If that and a save-quit-restart doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to find someone running the same quest in the same mode to drop in on. The relevant section for that is here: