To Arms Strategy Routes: Concordia

(Nikolaii) #1

Here I’ll be working on and sharing different routes for the mission “To Arms” where you must collect 50 white weapons (with intervals of 10) and deposit them into a box in the Triton Flats. This strategy involves opening lockers, cardboard boxes and dumpsters to find the white gear. I advise doing this on lower difficulties due to the higher loot rarities in UVHM affecting the rarity of weapons in the containers.


Starts at Fast Travel
Red line means to go a level above
Yellow line means to go a level down
Lines with dead ends means to turn around
Pink square is the start of the rooftop section (coming soon)


Pink square is the end of the ground level section
Pink triangles mean go up
I couldn’t be as precise with this one, so forgive me if it’s inaccurate.

(Zamb92) #2

Gonna add some of the info from the thread on the old forums:

Titan Robot Production Plant has a chest seconds from the spawn. Usually has whites in it

Outlands Spur has a chest a short walk from the spawn. Usually has whites. Needs “no such thing as a free Launch” done (for the spaceship museum to be open)

Vorago Solitude is full of ascendant eternals, who drop white lasers when transforming like there’s no tomorrow

You can get a low-level mule character to Concordia, and transfer high-level guns to him.
A good way to get these high-level guns (if you’re in TVHM) is to kill Iwajira a few times, in normal mode if necessary.
Sell these guns with your low-level toon for many many $$$, and then use that money to buy up a ton of whites from the vendors.
Transfer these whites back to your original character via the stash.


The fastest way i found was just to run from the top of Tycho’s Ribs to the bottom, and the two associated areas i wont mention due to spoilers. I would get 10-15 with lasers each trip, which was my full backpack. Those eridian guys seem to cough out a white laser every time you kill them, and there are a bunch in that run from the top to the bottom.

(Erbalist) #4

Yep, empty your backpack into the bank or a mule. Drop to NVHM, Split screen a second character with an empty backpack and run through tycho’s ribs. You will have 50 whites in 2 runs as the Eternals drop a white virtually every single time plus you have an absolute ton of chests, seriously from memory i can think of at least 11

(Brian with an I) #5

Splitscreen to and thru Mario World is all it takes if you have a mule with enough inventory