To be continued

Just curious…did anyone actually fall for that “to be continued…in 4” stuff at the end? Come on there had to be one person!


It’s one of those shroedinger cat type of stuff media love to tickle these days - There could be another game but also may be not. So Borderlands 4 is in superposition now. :slight_smile:

I fell for it. The whole “time to end this”, plus saying your goodbyes, totally made me think this was it.


Come on how? I mean you and everyone is under a pile of rocks, Tyreen is walking away and you really thought they were going to continue it in the next game? As soon as I saw that “to be continued” screen I knew exactly what they were up to. :smiley:

It was a clever trick but it did seem rather obvious how they were setting it up. Your honesty is to be commended good sir or madam. :slight_smile:

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Yeah… suuuuuuper fell for it. It’s pretty obvious after the first time how they set things up. Lol. :confounded::flushed:

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Hey don’t feel bad. I’m probably just a much more cynical person than you are. It was probably much more enjoyable actually if you did buy into it. :grin:

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I thought “surely not” but I was laughing at how hard they leaned into it (even parodying the ‘talk to everyone in town before the final mission’ part of BL2). I thought it would be kind of hilarious if they really did end it at TBC. And in retrospect, as much as I hate to be actively pushed into a harder difficulty, it might’ve been better to have the Normal ending there and say ‘now play through TVHM for the real ending’…

Never felt for it when I played it for first time. They’re lots of things that are wrong in-game if it cut to credit screen after Tyreen beats the crew.

…Then again cutting to credits after that TBC trick would’ve been better. Donkey Kong Country I remember does this in a different way. Funny too

By the time I was done saying “There’s no way…” the countdown started :laughing:


I was doing it co-op the first time and we’re just like, kinda in awe, and the four shows up and I just said “three, two, one?” And it did it :joy:

Not even for a milisecond.

The actual last boss was spoiled for me by watching Twitch streamers (on my first attempt at using ECHOcast to win loot) so I knew it was a tease, but my partner totally fell for it. :sweat_smile:

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I must admit I was like “really? They aren’t really going to end with the story unfinished. No way. Not unless they have four ready to come out pretty quick. No way. That’s stu…” and then countdown started. They got me a little.

Good thread. Been wondering how many myself.

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i didn’t buy it and i think it was a very poor attempt to troll me. i just thought: “seriously? they can’t do that! …they did it… they made one of the worst jokes ever”