To Buy or Nah - Unofficial T2 Skin Evaluation

Some skins are really well made, they feel more–polished?-- than some of the lesser ones. I will rank them here as I enjoy them, this is simply how i perceive them and is in NO way a means to incite a riot or hatred. Let’s say what we like and don’t and WHY, so the devs can improve and get new ideas!

Best Looking/Most visually different
Alani - the decals and face covering really attempts to set her apart from her previous skins and i love how it references fictional backstory in this case te little mermaid. I would love to see more like this, in the vein of Grimm Fairy Tales skins, very cool!

Attikus - for a character that doesnt get much love, how incredible a skin he got! Looking like an elemental of molten rock, this skin is awesome. His fierce presence is represented well and i think it also hints at further possibilities with others. Think Deande as the elemental goddess of wind or Kleese as an old elemental god of lighting? I would buy those!

El Dragon - Any skin where i can mentally say it is the evil twin of the character is a fun one in my book. I love how this hearkens back to a day of the dead vibe and at the same time fits naturally on his character. A culture infused skin set would be very cool to see on each of these characters, fleshing out where some of the inspiration for their original designs came from, in this case dias de los muertos and luchador wrestling. Bravo!

Melka - My favorite. This is just a brilliant rework of her original design and i can practically hear Ghalt and Kleese speaking about her worsening condition as the cybernetics take over he body ala Cable of X-men fame, while a distraught Deande quietly chokes back sobs. Dark, i know? But now she breaks free and is te new threat to the Battleborn as the Magnus AI manifests itself inside of Melka! So freakin’ cool! Please, more like this!

Miko - i am basing this off of the leaked skin screenshots that have circulated for awhile, aince all the others revealed were the same. I love a dark version of this character where its evolution became overwhelming and a new parasite infected it, taking over its body. The eyes all over were a unique take and added some edge to the character. I would like to see more organic “fusions/mutations” in future character skins.

Oscar Mike - anytime they are going to dip into the lore, i feel it is worth a mention Nd this is a great example! I believe that this should have been his mastery skin instead of the purple, which doesnt make much sense in his case, but it feels like a new character because we know his clone backstory means this is a different “Mike”.

Phoebe - a very unique take on the character. I didnt expect this for her skin but i am happy they did. The stitches on the skirt make her feel like a possesed seamstress and the swords begin to feel more like needles. The pale face adds to the ghoulish effect and i love it. An evil coraline like entity. Brilliant!

Rath - i dont even like this character but this skin is freakin cool. It embraces his “not a vampire” mythology and makes him a true demon swordmaster. I picture this as his star wars nemesis version of himself he must face in the dagobah tree lol. The deliberate bat placement also accentuates the vampire vibe. More like these!!

Shane & Aurox - so i bought this one for two reasons. I love the addition of the gradient and the new highlight plus Shayne’s old school UK punk attire, this coupled with her new taunt-dance partners was a definite pickup for me. Aurox could be a little bit more different but still a unique addition.

Thorn - I mentioned above about the evil twin mentality, this nails it. Totally changes the vibe of the character from “generic elf archer” to “vengeful woodland spirit” i love her expression with the dead eyes, makes it really pop on contrast to the new color pallette. This is worthy of your munny

The Meh Ones
Ambra - the Silent Sister is kind of a mess. The pallette is a simple skin color swap woth her Gold deluxe outfit and the extra gold in her face makes it harder to discern facial expressions during taunts. Skip this one.

Benedict - i enjoy this one. But it would have been better as a T3 skin so foreworks shoot out on impact instead of rocket explosions and a taunt could have been added where he throws on an uncle sam hat. Really play off the fourth of july vibe. The bland blue throughout the whole costume washes it out and it makes harder to see he is a bald eagle now.

Boldur - though i like the idea behind it, him being made of wood/ ancient golem, etc. i dont think ot wprked. The texture still looks like stone from the front, and it is poorly defined in his hands and arms. His face is well done, but more was needed here to make it look like wood.

Ghalt - the skin has potential but the green is too bright if they were going for an undead look and the stitching on his back, i guess was made to indicate there was a creature of some sort within him, just comes across looking like a weak patch. Defining that area on his back and making it look more textured would have been the way to go.

Isic - my problem is that with all the emotes in his repetoire and lore, no one made the effort to make him do anything except that skull. Worse yet, some taunts reveal that they just made his casing opaque, his real skull still exists in the model itself. That feels uninspired. I loved the concept of 8 bit, but it was poorly executed.

Kelvin - full disclosure, i bought this skin, i dont think Kelvin has enough good choices and i adore him, but it really is a simple pallette swap. I am a sucker for the black/green combination and here it is implemented very well, so i am down with this. Personally of the artifact in his mouth was a different color it would have made this a higher tier.

Kleese - an awesome concept that looks muddied and unpolished. If this was retextured and made to look a bit crisper and not so–blurry? It would be a must buy. Right now his facial hair and skin bleed together and the whole model looks put of focus. Alien/monster takes on the characters would be super awesome though!

Marquis - anyone knows that my favorite character is this guy. His reskin today, was going for a steampunk look, but falls really short. It just looks like a pale brown and sepia swap out of his first costume. More detail and less brown, more bronze, pewter, and silver, would have made this really cool. Steampunk characters though… I am SO down.

Montana - while giving the big guy armor is awesome, the taxi cab yellow with chlorine blue under armor is a bizzare choice. It is jarring and makes a stand out character even more of a target. Not a fan of this one, but the armor idea is awesome, i would like to see more takes on this. Full armored knight Montana is a dY one buy from me.

Toby - this poor little guy. I love the idea of the hotrod colors on the mech but i felt like it was overkill here and as woth any of his skins, the light focused and seemingly emanating from the cockpit is weird. Keeping him a cute little penguin would have been a great juxtaposition against his badass mech without the recolor and gradient effect.

Back to the Drawing Board
Caldarius - i undestand the “transformer” vibe i think they were going for but this was just bad. The color combo is awful. The arrows pointing to his knees? What is the point? “I have knees here!” Not exactly a threatening message for an assassin lol

Deande- forgive me. She has a keyhole in the middle of her face and i cannot unsee it. I expect Sora to unlock her head. If they wanted a “Geisha” aesethic, which would have been beautiful on her and made sense with the aformentioned culture themed skins, they failed miserably by adding that unibrow makeup line across her face. She channels klingon now, not Geisha.

Galillea - i feel like this is the most borderlands themed skin in the whole bunch but it is so generic looking. The odd addition of the random caution stickers seem useless and clunky. The color is okay almost like a faded Samus, but not a fan of the caution tape placement, especially on her sword.

Orendi - my least favorite skin. The cotton candy pink with the bright sky blue looks like somethig a four year old would choose for their first day of school, when the parent is supposed to explain why you shouldnt wear it. It seems out of character to be so bubbly. I would love a “toby fangirl” colorization and a jailbird colorization. Since both of these are referenced in her lore. I <3 toby shirt. Orange jumpsuit with numbers. I would buy both! @Ganjamira, i know you are a Huge fan of Orendi, what do you think?

Reyna - i dont like this skin, it feels out of place for Reyna, too flamboyant and the white hair with the white eyebrows and the white cowl, coupled with all the gold is too bright. All the gold in the middle is jarring and looks muddled. Second least favorite. Seeing her as the second in command of the Battleborn would be awesome, in a battledamaged suit that shows her scars, that would be great for all of them. Incorporating small pieces of the other rogues that she leads into her design would be really neat too.

Whiskey Foxtrot - turning any character into a reptile sounds awesome, but this is really bad execution. I would argue that he has one of the best textures of the game with this new skin, the scales really pop, but other than that it is very bland. The muted gold tone is strange and i see it was meant to compliment all the green but it seems thrown together. I think taking away the helm would have made him much better. The flipside is making him the ultimate zombie skin in a torn apart police mike costume. That would have been cool.

That was my two cents. Anxious to hear what others think.


Great breakdown, I’ll give you my top three favorite, and top three mehs.

Thorn - Because I love Thorn with an intensity that is unhealthy, and the skin they gave her was really solid, for all the reasons that you mentioned. I bought it immediately.

Alani - I like this one just because it feels different. As you mentioned, a lot of them feel a bit like palette swaps, so to see one with a few more flourishes worked for me. I’m glad she got this skin too because her new taunt is extraordinarily meh.

Phoebe - The new aesthetic just works for me. I don’t even play Phoebe, but this skin is great.

Boldur - This looks like it could be a T1 skin. I get what they were trying, it just didn’t work for me.

Isic - I don’t hate it, it just seems a bit much, and it does prevent you from seeing his emotes. Not a bad idea, just not well executed.

Toby - I was positively bored by this skin. Not quite as much as Boldur, but close.

As a bonus, I think the Shane and Aurex taunt is the best thing in the cash shop right now. It’s perfect in every way. I’ve played S&A exactly one time, and I think I might just buy it anyway.


Wow! Same here with S&A. That taunt is incredible. I do feel as though it is super long, so seeing that, you have to be in a really good spot to pull it off. Which just further adds to the “tauntiness” of it lol

Benedict: I absolutely love the coloring on everything. Seemed like they paid really close attention to everything and they changed a lot in my opinion.

Ambra: I really like the Egyptian like quality this skin has. I really like the gold and the textures on her robes and gauntlets.

Thorn: I love the evil/dark elf vibe this is giving off and was the first skin I got. My only real complaint is that bright yellow/green skull on her boob seems weird but overall really like it.

Rath: Freaking amazing. Love the red bats on the front of his armor and the skeletal hands on his hands and his sword. Only gripe is his blackened nose makes it seem like hes just dressing up for Halloween.

Kelvin: Wish they would have done more with him but damn those colors still just look so good together I had to get them.

Miko: Will be one of my favorites once I am able to buy it D=

Least Favorite:
Caldarius: I have no idea what they were trying to do with him but everything about this just looks awful to me.

Deande: I have a hard time with this one because I kind of like certain aspects of it but then some things just seem really off like the contrast of the blue and red and her hair being a dark blue. Think if they toned down the red a bit and made her hair black it would be much better.

Galilea: Totally agree with you on this one. Another skin that just doesnt work in my opinion.

Melka: I actually didn’t care for the whole metallic plate on the side of her head. Gave it a terminator like vibe to me and just didn’t sit well with me.

Taunt wise I really loved Shayne and Aurox’s, it is just amazingly perfect. Though I really liked Alani’s as well, I wanted that taunt ever since it was shown in her ability video and now it is mine.

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I think Thorn, Rath, and Benedict’s were universally beloved. I like the concept i have in my head behind Melka’s change and i think that is why i love it so much. I have never really played as her, so it was really refreshing to see something other than the original outfit or purple which os the two extremes with her when i play pvp. I just bought the Attikus skin and Kelvin. So freakin awesome looking.

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Ok, these are the ones I got my eye on before 2k thought I ■■■■ euro bills after my morning coffee:

Phoebe’s bad science: Cool skin, with a vibe of Sally from Nigthmare before Christmas in it. Also a bit of goth there, I liked it.

Alani’s sea witch: With the goth fairy tale theme there and I like the colors.

Ambra’s chronicles: The Ancient Egypt vibe is something I love and the color theme is perfect for that representation.

El Dragón’s bleak fandango: I like this, with the Día de los Muertos theme in it.

Rath’s possibly a vampire: Or how I call it “Rath was recluted by Hordak” (you need to be an 80’s kid to get/see that… or someone that saw the remake of He-man 2000). I wanted this skin more than any other even when I play little with Rath. I like the color scheme and design and all.

Shayne and Aurox’s dead and buried: I wanted this too for the goth motive and the colors.

The one I dislike the most? Orendi’s fffffkjtgh summertime. It’s like some kid would have vomited ice cream over her.

The rest are… so, so… It’s a pity I won’t be buying the ones I like because I don’t like a publisher trying to screw me over :cry:


I’ve bought Mellka and Ambra. I really like the Mellka skin, 'cos it’s a heavenly alignment of some of my favourite things: cyborgs, mohawks, and handsome badass women…!

Unfortunately, now I’ve seen it up close, I’ll be avoiding the Ambra skin - personally, I’m not real comfortable with it. I won’t dwell on why (I think people can probably guess, and will have their own views)

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??? :hushed: care to elaborate why you don’t like it?

I have seen you and i have VERY similar opinions in terms of the way GBX has handled certain things. However, i implore you to rethink, if just for a moment, your stance on everything. I was upset because the devs were keeping mum about so much and the MT and all. However, i was also contributing to the toxicity. I was no better than them because i could not see past my own point of view.

They need to make us pay for this stuff for whatever the reason. I support what i love. I’m getting new content, they are still with the game. We still have the story stuff coming out. I say we give them the benefit of the doubt. They have a good reputation with story DLC, Borderlands 2 has the BEST DLC. To date. Period.

So screw it! Let’s enjoy it what they did give us, surmise on what is to come, and enjoy!

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Well, the costumes are largely Halloween-themed, so I can’t help but think of Ambra as that one embarrassing guest who came wearing shoe polish. Not trying to start a fuss over the skin, it’s just a weird vibe for me - I’m content to just personally not use it!

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Melka’s is one of my favorite ones! I understand the implication with Ambra. I perosnally don’t see it, but i could see how the perception could lean towards it.

I dig the Egyptian motif myself. I use Bastet almost exclusively in Smite with her Arcane skin lol.

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Ambra is very heavily coded as Egyptian though. I actually think that should be her default skin color. I’d say that’s what her skin looked like before sustainment.

I’m more miffed that Galileas Vanguard skin made her white :frowning: I always imagined her as darker skinned, since her name has roots in Hebrew.

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The problem is I supported them.

Buying a season’s pass, buying not one but two copies of the game (one for me, one for my fiance) and I even recommended friends to come to play and three of them did it. And I wanted to support them even when I paid already a lot in the future with the T3 skins.

2k didn’t marketed the game well, Gearbox went radio silence about the T2 skins letting people believe they were part of the game and now, they not only are trying to sell something like that, with a currency, but in the same time is bloody expensive.

Sorry, but no… Sure Borderlands 2 had the best dlc I played in my life. Tiny Tina’s one was a festival for me, I played it in every difficulty, alone and with friends and with every character in the game. I loved that dlc like it was the second coming of Jesus. But you know what? Borderlands isn’t a out of the jail free card for Gearbox and shouldn’t be that, specially with the publisher that they have. This is a different game, as Aliens Colonial Marines was another game too.

They are ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ up and I really hope they will get their ■■■■ together and the game will be good in the end, with short pvp queues and ton of lore+pve. But until I don’t see that, until I don’t see where my season’s pass money is and if they still ■■■■ it up, I’ll say they ■■■■ it up and of course I won’t be buying anything extra until I see a good game and something that worth my money.

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Which serves to remind me, it’s frustrating how central Sustainment is to the lore of several Battleborn characters, and yet we understand so little about it…! I think it’s just harder to read Ambra’s skin as a “serious”, lore-rooted design when (for example) Kleese is flying around in a giant brain chair.

Cyber-Mellka, though. I can imagine her catching Phoebe’s attention now… (far at sea, a new ship appears on the horizon)

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She’s not very much fun to use anymore post nerf bat to the balls.

Of course, i see the argument. I side with you on that argument. I dont think that BL2 is a get out of jail free card. I do believe that it gives them more leash to work with than i would say, another developer.

I believe they have earned the benefit of the doubt. Blind trust? No.
But a little faith that they will do right by us. I think they will.

The skins are a mixed bag. They are a little pricey, yes. They were locked behind code, yes. But we have literally months before they release 5 DLC chapters. Who is to say that we dont get a skin for everyone? Per chapter released? The possibility is what we should look forward to. Whose to say they dont rlease another tiny tina DLC, or the equivalent, and make thos game amazing?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Reyna skin. They did a really nice job of getting that piratey look to fit overtop of her model. All of her skins are named with pirate themes, she leads a ragtag band of space pirates, how could they not give her a pirate captain’s outfit? It’s perfect for her character. Although the silver hair and cape are a little off, I don’t think they detract that much from the overall look.

My least favorite has to be that Caldarius skin though. They did put in the effort to add an mix up a lot of details and he definitely brings off a gundam vibe. It’s not like they went anywhere too wrong with the thought process behind his skin, but they just dropped it with that coloration so hard it makes it all less appreciable. So much clashing with the off red tones, and nothing balances out all that colour.

The costume idea is a little bland as well, the guy in the mech suit went to the halloween party, as an anime mech. SURPRISE. Although to be fair, I probably could not think of a better idea for him than that any ways. It almost feels as if the brightness happened, because it was so hard to re-imagine his suit in to something else, and they overcompensated with too much colour.

Orendi’s is similar, but it at least kept a lot of darker tones to balance that much color out, and they don’t clash nearly as bad. Certainly I wouldn’t expect everyone to like that much brightness, but at least hers does brightness well. And her ‘costume’ idea is even better. The human skin like arms is an amazing twist, it’s almost a joke on the idea of a halloween costume, and the extra details on the hat to make it even more like a false-face is awesome.

I think only two or three have a flaw so bad they meaningfully detract from the value.
And while I definitely see how some skins would not be for everyone, I would say the rest are amazing.


The only way I would have even been remotely interested in this micro transaction crap is if each and every skin could be worn by every single Battleborn. This game doesn’t cease to disappoint me yet. Does this ever get better or should I get $20 trade in value while I still can?

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We were talking about her MT skin, not gameplay.
And she IS one of my mains, so :sweat_smile: I’m having fun with her…

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I actually think all of these skins are incredible (such a strong word to use in this current BB climate, but I’m going there). Yes, some are maybe better than others (Alani! ISIC! THORN!?) but the one thing I have a gripe with is…

… can we have more musical taunts? Because they’re hilarious and I want everyone to have them. Kleese and more specifically, Shayne/Aurox’s dance is pretty cool!

They’re all lighthearted and fun as well as being worth the money. But that’s my two cents. I’ve been supportive of the idea and I still am. I just hope they continue to add more.