To Buy or Nah - Unofficial T2 Skin Evaluation

Those are the exclusive skins or event ones. The idea behind them is the uniqueness, the idea you have a skin that shows up that you are not new to the game and you were around when that event poped up. Something to brag about it if you like to.

I have Archon skin for Thanatos, for example, and I love to have it, the same as the last viking event skins for Kali and Chaac. Now I want the Aphrodite Witch one but man, I need luck or to get a third of that chest to get it :stuck_out_tongue:

I know is frustrating to want one and couldn’t have it, like Soulless Machine for Sol… Man, I hate to lost that event and the skin but… It is what it is :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had that issue in another game. While I understand the concept, I think it mixes two things that are basically different: the “exclusiveness” value and the look itself. They can be easily differed and the issue will be avoided. Like, an exclusive title or another element, but not a whole skin. Or an exclusive skin and non-exclusive one available for all that looks same but with a few different details.

I personally think that one time exclusive skins are okay. It makes the people who are there have a special commemorative piece that no one else does. Smote is the biggest offender of this and honestly, all it has done is served to make sure i definetly participate in any event that might have a completely unique skin.

Recently they did the Underworld event with a completely unique Nox skin that is unobtainable and i had a blast unlocking that skin. Furthermore it encouraged me to play as that character because i now had a skin that was very rare and i wanted to show it off. It was marketing done well and encouraged growth through gameplay.

The skins that Battleborn have released are nice. I’ll let you decide individually if you believe they are worth it or not. The bottom line is that ultimately they are making content for the game that we all collectively enjoy. If you want to particpate in that, cool. If not, that’s cool too.

We gotta live and live. Let the developer fulfill their promises in time. People are forgetting that borderlands 2, which had the best DLC this generation imo, still sold additional skins and heads, outside of the season pass. I was bummed then. I still am. But i will be damned if they werent worth it. I have every shred of DLC for that game and have got the plat on the vita, ps3, and Ps4, because of how enjoyable that game is. Support them if you have the means. If not, wait for the content to be delivered and then make the final judgement.

Now if the Black skins in these lists are released as anything but free, then we can be upset. If they are added as a later addition for free, and there are additional skins on top of them, included in the season’s pass i will be very happy. If not, then i will make a new thread.

Until that time… What skins based on the lore of the character would you like to see? Attikus before the implant could be fun. Or Galillea sans armor. So many possibilites!

To be fair, 6 of those black skins were included in the Digital Deluxe so unlike the Gold skins which should all eventually be released as Shift Code / Promotional unlocks I would think these other skins will be a bit more exclusive than that. Maybe like how the Blacksmith shader is used in Destiny? I only included them in that list because I felt color skins were not all that special but if it is being used to argue player privilege, I’d be kinda disappointed :sweat:

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Less player privilege and more season pass expectation. Knowing that these skins are still lurking out there, knowing they are in the core game locked behind something somewhere, it would be grossly disappointing, and i think you’ll agree, if they release them under the guise of “brand new skins for x,y,z you should be excited for, season’s pass people!” When clearly they are already made and should, by all rights, be released. Now i am being cautiously optimistc in the hopes that they do right by us and release these free to everyone. But it begs to note that they have said new skins are coming for season pass holders, and these have yet to be released.

I think your post was brilliant and that was more for people to see what i am talking about in relation to what a bad MT could have been. I appreciate your post and dedication to making sure the players know what is out there.

Just because something is already in the game does not automatically make it “old”. Elements of the Marketplace (not the taunts and skins mind) were already in the game well before the update came out but that’s still new because until Gearbox/2K decides to announce it, it is just data files sitting on your hard disk and nothing more. Would you call a roast chicken that is just the potatoes and veggies a roast chicken? No, because the chicken is still being cooked and until that is ready it is not the complete meal you paid for. Some content takes longer than others to make but you only release it once everything is ready. You might have noticed some of the black skins have placeholder names (ie Color Skin 10), that should be a clear indication that these are still in the works.

As far as I know, they have never once stated exactly how many or which Meta Items are going to be part of the Season Pass or added as premium add-on content or whatever and it is totally in their right to make that final call. Just because a few items are known to exist does not automatically mean that they are going to be a part of something we already know about. Heck since they are just color skins, they might just be something a designer automatically creates for each character and may never come out in the same way you might never see a particular Shiny Pokemon in a Pokemon game.

Anything I put up (and I have stressed this plenty of times before) is not going to be 100% representative of the current game state because new updates and content are being added in a way I can’t check them (which is probably a good thing). The only goal I have when I post something is to inform players (particularly those who might be getting too frustrated) about what or where something is in the game with a certain level of accuracy in a feeble attempt to curb some of the anger and frustration I have seen on these forums where they are doing things such as farming bosses for legendaries or opening loot packs and expecting a shower of items to just fall on their lap.

If it helps put into perspective, I play on PS4 but I went and bought a PC copy of the game just so I could dig around the game data (partly because there is no API, but there are also things you can only do with the raw files) as it adds another layer of enjoyment only someone like me can get being both a programmer and a gamer. I don’t regret this at all and it is nothing compared to the amount of money I happily put into Borderlands 2 (and plan to when BL3 comes out), and the same goes for Destiny. So seeing players get so heated over such trivial things such as an extra cosmetic character skin is just beyond my comprehension because when you really like something, money is no issue. Seriously it is not. If someone is constantly coming back to the cost, then maybe they just aren’t that into the game, and that is their choice. Even if I obtained all the exclusive skins in the game, I probably wouldn’t use them anyway because I actually like the default skins more.

Now excuse me as I need to go look at Benedict’s “Lunch Break” taunt a few more times…


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So once more, I will take a moment to specify that ANY game conetent that has been completed to the point where no further coding is needed, and can immediately be released save for a “code” is a problem. Your analogy is a little skewered.

It would be correct if the “roast chicken” was made, cooked, smelling delicious, and you could see it behind the glass as a fully cooked meal, but they told you that you had to wait. You paid for it in full. You can see it. But you have to wait, arbitrarily.

Now let’s say you call someone over and ask “why must i wait? I can see that it is ready. May i eat it now?”

Now let’s say, no one reponds to you. They ignore you completely. Getting upset, you mention that you are hungry to a waiter passing by. They look at you condescendingly and point to a sign on the wall that reads " rules." You read them over and calmly say " yes, i understand the rules, however i purchased my food. It is ready, i can see it, may i please eat it?"

Two more waiters come over and refer you to the same sign.

Frustrated, you see others are having the same dining experience. Suddenly, a chef leaps from the kitchen and exclaims everyone can eat! If they buy some more veggies and dessert…

“But…” You stare at the chicken, you know it is right in front of you. But guess what? You need to get those desserts and veggies first, because that is what the chef was working on.

Now i am all for extra stuff. But that doesnt mean we have to stick our heads in the sand. The on disc DLC argument has been waged since the inception of DLC and will continue. I was simply stating that if the content is indeed on the disc and locked behind a code wall, that is not cool. Transparency is appreciated and the mute nature of this game’s development cycle has led to its decline. I only want it to succeed. I feel like we are like-minded so i fail to understand how this is turning out. Agree to disagree?

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The extra skins are only known about because I posted them up, I take responsibility for that error in judgement… I did sit on them for a few days before I decided to include them in my list for this very reason.

Battleborn is not a restaurant with see-through glass windows. Seeing data mined content is being that person that sneaks in the back and takes a snapshot of what they saw to report back to others waiting at the table. That is all it is, a snapshot into what is going on in the back. What might actually come out when it is all ready and done might not be what that person saw but that shouldn’t make you any less eager to see what it ends up being when it finally comes out. As fans who have seen stuff they were probably not supposed to, we have absolutely no right to pass judgement without proper context. Especially for such a tiny minuscule aspect of the game which has zero impact on the actual quality of the game.

I fully support Gearbox and any decisions they make with their games and I am sorry if anything I have posted has had a negative impact on what they do. That wasn’t my goal in the slightest. :disappointed_relieved:


Far out man… stop being so negative! You’re obviously either too cheap or don’t care enough about supporting the game if you don’t buy any MT’s. You’ve gotta give the devs more credit (and money). What if people come on this forum and see that people like you aren’t singing the game’s praise? That might look bad. You paid extra for the season pass? Let me explain in great detail and bullet point list what you bought insert list of season pass content because you’re obviously simple minded and have no idea. You should have known that the skins weren’t included in the season pass, even if nobody told you. It’s your fault for making assumptions. Did I tell you to stop being so negative??

< /sarcasm>

I love this game. I really do. But I don’t pretend it doesn’t have it’s fair share of issues, and I’m absolutely sick to death of being told over and over again that I have no right to voice my complaints.


I fail to see where there is anything even remotely negative in what i am posting…

First, if you did not pull the curtain back on the skins, i would have. I am one of the whistleblowers against capcom for the god awful cash grab with tekken x street fighter. It is wrong for companies to make content and hide it from people who pay to biy the game. If we were renting it? Sure. But i have purchased 6 full retail copies of the game. 2 digital deluxe. 7 season passes. Now i have bought 8 skins and 2 taunts as well.

I have spent collectively, over 650$. To think with all that, there might be something i would enjoy locked away is saddening AND maddening all at once.

I have no idea how we even got onto this topic. Regardless it doesnt matter. You should not feel bad, at all. You did a great thing, i only quoted your thread because i felt it was important and informative. I will gladly edit my post if it made you feel this insecure. Understand i will do so begrudingly and the fact younfeel this shameful of your actions only serves to enforce the toxic nature of this place and how any information “leaked” to give us even the slightest transparency is sullied by it.

Dont feel shame, friend, you done good,


While you have the right to say anything, really, i disagree, politely, with your post. This game has its share of flaws but we need to celebrate the things that are right with it too.

I created this thread to see what people thought of the skins and share how i felt about them. I wanted to give insights to whomever might read this stuff, what i thought would be interesting as ideas for skins, things i would be willing to PAY extra to see in game and WHY, but all anyone is interested in is bashing it. That is not going to help any. I want to make this thread about POSITIVITY!

The things you enjoy and wish to see. Please, i only ask that you respect these wishes and we keep things constructive. I appreciate that you are frustrated. I am too. All of us are to some extent. What we need to do is start seeding some positivity and make the devs come to us. No one is going to want to talk to us if all we do is talk about ■■■■■ their game is.

We need to take a few steps back and think about all the moving parts. See the bigger picture and be cautiously optimistic.

I don’t disagree, but I shouldn’t have to get the same pointless response from every Tom, Dick, and Harry that is full of condescension every single time I post my complaints/issues with the MT’s.

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I agree as well. Visit the other thread I made. Lets make some positivity around here. It all starts with us!

They were actually visible during the Open Beta, worn by bots, so it’s not on you :slight_smile:


First, I don’t think you really can’t get the existence of people who are very interested in something but not to the extent of being ready to pay any price in any conditions. The world is not “black” and “white”; it’s actually pretty never black or white but all grades of “gray”.

Second, how much one is into something is not actually a choice, it’s mainly an impression. With some part of choice, too. So it depends also on factors that are out of one’s reach or choice, e. g. it’s not one’s choice that he has troubles queueing to PVP matches because of low playerbase or has performance issues because the game lacks optimization.

Simply speaking, you can’t say one shouldn’t be heated by current MT implementation because if he’s not ready to pay any price for what he wants he’s not interested enough (it even sounds plain wrong if you word it straight). And you can’t say it’s one’s choice to be heated by them.

I’m assured your opinion is basically “I don’t care much about that thing SO you shouldn’t too, and if you do, it’s your choice and you are wrong; would you really care about that, you would pay anything without complain”.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I never play S&A, but I might start just to use that taunt.


Listen, guys. Lowlines is one of the best, most rational, most level-headed posters on this forum. Please, i implore you, let’s just leave this topic alone. It was NEVER my intent to bring that here. I want only those positive vibes in all my threads.

There are hundreds of topics about the issues. I know them as you all do. But i want a place to grow positive vibes. @lowlines i apologize again if linking your thread gave you any grief, friend. That was truly not my intent. Please accept my humble apology and continue being BADASS,


That’s why I couldn’t keep myself from pointing at some flaws in his logic…

I think there’s an option to ask a moderator to move those posts to a proper thread if you don’t want to see them here.

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Thank you, Maskerader. I do not feel the need to go that far. I dont think anything got way out of hand. I just want it so stay pleasant and devolve. Attikus back to thrall is no bueno.

I only jumped in on the conversation because I saw information (specifically the unreleased black skins) I had put up being possibly used in a way I had hoped it would not (that being a potential vehicle for more negativity). I don’t want to give people more fuel to burn on something that (to me at least) shouldn’t have such a bearing on a game I personally like to play. I may have misinterpreted the original intent of the link and in doing so, stepped on some toes while trying to express my opinion (sorry @jestahmostwicked).

It should be clear to everyone that I am one of those crazy fans who will buy a Claptrap-In-A-Box Edition (I would even have some of those awesome statues if it didn’t cost nearly double the price of the statue to ship it to my house, but that’s another story…), so maybe what might be seen as flawed logic, is simply my blind love and respect for a developer I have put a couple thousand hours (and counting) into playing their games. :wink:

I also got the Battleborn Season Pass without a second thought because Gearbox is the only company I have played a game from that has really proven to me that the Season Pass is a worthwhile thing that can sit alongside opt-in micro-transactions and such with what they did with Borderlands 2. Only time will tell, but getting heated up about it now won’t help anyone, (unless you are playing Meltdown ;)).

I took at least 45 minutes to write this so hopefully what I am trying to say is clear and concise and cannot be misinterpreted any further :pensive: