To buy or not to buy?

I am left with a dilemma about purchasing this title or not. This is a type of game that requires team play to the fullest extent in-order to excel or win. Unfortunately I do not have but maybe one or two friends who rarely get online to play this title with. I’ve played the beta and was interested in a deluxe package purchase for both my friend and myself.

Well there is match making but half the time I end up with disconnects and players who stand around giving me extra work load to pull off a win. 90% (at least) of the games in the beta thus far I am top DMG, BLDR, KILLS player and npc alike. When I do come across somebody I like I try and message them to team up with no avail or luck I end up always playing solo. (these disconnects are my biggest complaint and ruin the game)

So do I get this game and play it for a few weeks until I get tired of playing solo and losing because this is such a team oriented type of game or do I foresee the madness it will cause me and not purchase this game?

Feel free to give me your feedback why or not I should purchase this game?

xBLUExGI (xbox one gt)

If you want teamwork, there’s generally a team or two on the official Discord channel.

I would say hold out until release, since there are a bundle of problems that need to be addressed and fixed in the two weeks until launch.

And, from what I’ve heard, the pre-order skins are ugly as sin.

There will be a ranked match making system so that serious players can get decent teams.

When i get frustrated with loosing in pvp i go to pve and have some fun. It is easier and it actually gets you more gear so it still has a purpose after you played it once.

As for the bugs, ya that is super frustrating. I had a day 1 bug that never got resolved…or even mentioned by the developers other then addressing a somewhat related bug that they claim will be fixed by release day. Ugh to say the least but i have faith in them and i really like the game so i will get it on release day.

I agree the pre-order skins are so bad that i do not want them in my gear loadout.

Ehh, I generally play with randoms all the times in about every game I play because my friends either don’t get the games I get, we are never on at the same time, or because they don’t have a PC.
Anyhoo, If PvP is what will make or break it for you buying it. I would say go for it if you like “moba’s” in first person.
What’s making me second guess getting the game is the story being really short and not strung together.

I wont buy it. So much activity with the hud, added with that style of graphics and lighting. Tried to play it 3 times and each time it gave me a headache. literally.

Dude…just have a Mic on and make friends with other people who are playing the game. I play on PS4, and I’ve honestly never played a game that has a more welcoming, inviting community of people who are willing to help you out. I’ve already developed about 10-15 people who love the game. Just add friends who use Mics, and don’t add ones who don’t :slight_smile:

I second the Discord notion. We have a great community in there and I have already added about 8-10 people to my Steam friend list who I can pull in for matches. The Discord server post is stickied on the top of the General Discussion page (where you posted this thread)! Look forward to seeing you!

To be honest your concerns are a bit over dramatic. I play solo 100% of the time and this is a VERY solo friendly game too. This isn’t a hardcore pure moba

Teamwork literally improves any and all games so I’m not sure how this is such a specific issue for this one . Keep the lanes pushed, recruit thrills, build stuff. Its a fun game and I’m enjoying it far more than rainbow six, paragon etc. THOSE require teamwork much much more. As for bug concerns, lol. This game is super polished compared to many releases out there so people are honestly nit picking