To Devs: A Suggestion that is a MUST HAVE!

OK i have a good suggestion to the devs that will need to look into and try to find a way to insert an option to select to reset a current story mission or part of the chapter that gets stuck or bugged. Mainly for the mission called “Beneath the Meridian” for [Find tunnel to Vault- Checked Completed] just b4 entering the boss area is where Maya doesn’t progress or follow u into “The Forgotten Basilica”, so yh she basically stuck outside in “Neon Arterial”. Now don’t get me wrong there are ways to get around that just by going into matchmaking and find ppl who is on same mission or just hasn’t complete the current mission u stuck on yet, which ofc does resets the mission u on, but some ppl wants to solo and want avoid matchmaking ‘for number of reasons’ like i have been on matchmaking que for like 30 mins and it still haven’t find any player(s). At least i know many others would agreed to this idea, unless someone already made the suggestion, i prolly wasn’t aware or wasn’t even looking good enough :wink: