To early to think BL4?

To gearbox…The only game series I play is Borderlands. (All) the wait for 3 was interminable. I realize you’re working on the dlc’s but has anyone given thought to BL4? I’m not getting any younger and want to be around for future Borderlands episodes.
Oh and btw the missing dlc for pre sequel that I paid for might be nice. But I loved the free commander lilith so I might forgive on that :slight_smile:
Not complaining, I love everything about these games especially the freedom to move anywhere independently of other players. A true open world.
Keep them coming!

Probably way too early to think Borderlands 4. That said, I doubt it’ll pull a Duke Nukem Fornever on its’ fanbase, far too popular for that. (Serially, they wound up remaking Duke Nukem Forever something like three or four times before they actually released it, and the final release sucks.)

I get it but as I said, I’m old and don’t wanna miss these. I even liked the pre sequel minus all the aussiev accents. Made me glad I was never assigned over there.
As for duke nukem I got stuck where I had to shrink down, get in a little car that I never could find and gave up. I went back to BL and after playing it all these years I still stumble on places that were hidden.
Still, hope there’s a glimmer in the company’s eye.

There is for sure going to be a BL4. Maybe 5 or 6 years from now though.

thought this was the last one in the series. although more would be nice, lets play and see how the story will go

Great to hear now I have to live forever…gotta find all those vaults from BL2 and find out why that weird creature was wagging its finger in the pre sequel saying war was coming. …

I’m personally someone who enjoys it when things run their course and end gracefully. As much as I love the franchise and it has even shaped parts of who I am (as I’ve played it since the first came out when I was in high school) I kinda want BL3 to be the last. A spinoff or two wouldn’t be too bad. However, I hate seeing a good series beat itself into the dust by continuing to put out sequels and spinoffs in an attempt to keep the series going and/or raking in the cash. So many series I have loved have done this and turned sour. I don’t want that fate for the Borderlands.

OMG no…4 - 5 - 6 and on…onward to the vaults!!! Their mysteries and their treasures.
A gazillion planets to conquer a bazillion gazillion weird and wonderful weapons, shields, and loot!!!


Too early for Borderlands 4? Nah we should atleast be planning Borderlands 5 right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just want the gearbox guys to know to start planning ahead.

It’s too early to think of 4, but not too early to think of The Post-Sequel.

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Many games these days are made with a long-term plan involving dlcs and microtransactions. BL3 seems no exception.

By the time BL4 might be appropriate, who knows where gearbox, or even take 2 will be.

Or if they make a game in the franchise after BL3 maybe they could just call it Borderlands 5: The search for Borderlands 4 >.>