To Gearbox it may concern:

As someone who was guilty of falling off of the BB bandwagon after a handful of patches, I want to applaud you today. Today you will have rectified my negative feelings of past and I feel that my love will be rekindled again after reading the patch notes. I never bashed the game and have kept telling people to try BB despite my own complaints and maintained that it is a great game because it is. I grew disheartened by the nerf bats but I never wavered on my love of your creation.

As of reading the upcoming notes, you truly have righted all of the issues that I thought were missing or wrong. I’m really looking forward to devoting (seriously probably) 40 hours over the next week (maybe more :blush:) back to BB and I thank you. Thank you for your time and dedication.

PS: please make bots mode a permanent mode in pvp. I really loved it because going against 5 man premades is no fun when you’re a solo queuer.

A BB pre-order-er


…Totally agree.


And the flip side of that: if you’ve partied up with some friends, there’s nothing worse than rolling into a PvP and see the entire opposing team disconnect before the match starts simply because they’re up against a pre-made (who may or may not be that good skill-wise, but the defecting team will never know because they don’t play.)

So yes, another :thumbsup: for bots mode from a pre-order customer.


And a third. The bots mode allowed me and my wife to play PVP together again.


i dunno… all of this (about bots battle being an alternative to 5 man pre mades in pvp) can be fixed just as well imo AND funnel bots battle peoples back into pvp by just implementing something like a solo queue or proper ELO matchmaking.

I feel like bots battle is a band aid for pvp for a lot of people like the first few in this thread but not the real answer on fixing the pvp problem.

With that said, i totally 100% understand where they are all coming from and i get it.

But like…the first few people in this thread liked PVP initially but were turned off due to the match making being poor.

So it’s either :slight_smile:
fix match making and everyone goes where they want to go.

don’t fix match making and use bots battle as a band aid because while many of the bots battlers enjoy PVP, they are not able to due to the current state of match making.

makes me sad. oh well

and to all the people above me in the thread - i say -

Hopefully you don’t feel that bots battle is the final answer to fixing your PvP woes - but more of a stop gap solution for you until Gearbox gets their act together to finally truly address the issues of PvP match making in this game. Proper matches only accidentally line up between two teams in my experience like 20% of the time. But when they do, they can be some of the most rewarding pvp ive ever played in any game, ever.

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…If I may Sir
The bots mode allowed my lovely wife and I


That’s a good scenario for the cause. I’m glad for both of you.

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Bots mode aside, I’m glad to see the direction GB is taking on release day of the final season pass unlockables.

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Yes! finally a positive post. Then again this is a forum where complain and overall negativity always excels. Thank you for your post.

I can’t wait to try the ban/pic mode in public versus!


Me too! It can kinda reinforce the idea of getting to know more than one character or trying to dominate with one in particular.

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A solo que would be a good idea imo. If given the choice between a bots battle que, and a solo que, I would go with the solo que every time.
Actually fixing matchmaking as a whole is impossible with the playerbase at the moment. There just aren’t enough people playing to make elo possible at this time. We can only hope that that changes in the next few months. I’ve been seeing more people play that haven’t played in ages lately. That’s a good sign imo.



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