To incursion players. An honest question

So i have recently started playing a bunch of incursion games. I typically find meltdown to be a far superior game mode, but a lot of times i can’t find games. That, and sometimes i just want to kick back and play on characters im terrible with and not care about the outcome. I take meltdown pretty seriously and sometimes i need a break where i dont care about stuff like my stats, etc.

so sometimes incursion can have some pretty crazy endings and comebacks you wont quite see in meltdown. but i also noticed one huge problem. i just played in a game, and it wasnt the first of this kind, where literally on the fist sentry the other team could not successfully push a wave because my clear was too strong, but here they are up on a ledge room whittling the sentry down. and they had just enough up there and just the right composition that if you allocated enough of your team to keep them away, then they could push the main lane. but what would usually happen is you would eventually push them off only to have them return two seconds later. they would end up causing enough confusion and running back and forth to basically get a few dmg on the sentry every minute or so.

my question is this: why are people playing the game in a way that is clearly not how it was intended to be played? it is incredibly cheap. there are one or two straggler minions getting through every now and then, but the overwhelming majority of the sentry shield dmg comes from players. how is that fun for anyone? don’t you think the game mode would be way more fun if you actually utilized the mechanic?

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I think anyway you play it is good. If it brings the sentry down, why not? Pushing minions is the way to go but I don’t think these guys you mention play the game in a wrong way.

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I think the MarCheese was an unintended exploit, but there are other tactics. If you can’t push the lane there other ways to hurt the sentry. Think about the second sentry on Overgrowth, the minions are completely unnecessary by this stage and players rarely continue to push with the miniin waves in favour of the room with the heal station and thumper turret. If you have plenty of wave clear but no assassins or DPS to slay enemy Battleborn, enemies jumping the ledge is something you have to be prepared for. You can have a whole offensive team dedicated to slaying and an early rush, completely ignoring minion waves. If the enemy team has no tank or support, they’ll kill sweep your team and the sentry will fall before minions make it there.

There are a lot more strategies that can be employed on Incursion which is why it’s my preferred mode, Meltdown is a lot more basic and feels like the entry level mode.


It’s hard for me to even answer this question when your first paragraph says you like to play characters in Incursion that you’re terrible at and don’t care about the outcome. I believe the match would be more fun if you played seriously, at least your teammates might think so. If you want to play someone you are terrible at, that is what story mode is for or even private pvp match to test out the character.

Imagine the boot on the other foot. While you’re doing your best and playing seriously at Meltdown and trying to win; there is some guy goofing off and being murdered by the other team. I only speak of common courtesy toward your fellow players.

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I get annoyed by this but for pretty much the opposite reason of you. I don’t think the tower is cheap, it’s just not efficient. The thing that annoys me most in incursion is when my team pushes all the minions back to the enemy sentry, and then 3 or 4 team members abandon lane control and go for the back door. This happens at both sentries, in the tunnel and then in the tower. Some people I guess don’t realize that the minions will take out the sentry shields if you just push them.

As much as I get annoyed when my whole team does this, the game mode would be really dumb if you could only attack from lame. Like you said, certain characters can pretty much clear lane by themselves. Being able to attack from different angles allows you to spread the enemy team out amx make it actually possible to push some minions into the sentry.

But if you are wondering how this strategy is defeated, you just have to push them out of your base. It sounds like they had you pinned in base, which leaves your sentry open to attack from 4 different places on Overgrowth. If you pushed the team out towards the middle, you can cut off their access to the sentry.

My biggest issue is how in some places you can damage the sentry without it damaging you. This needs to be fixed, as well as the buggy announcement system.


you make a pretty good point. but ultimately i bought the game for myself, and it is what i do with my free time. so how it affects other people is not necessarily atop the list. the people in question don’t think about my feelings when they choose alani while she awaits a patch and the miko/gali comp, so why should i? i’m not saying i dont try, i just dont pick my main character, or really any character im very good with. i play a character im trying to get good with, but am terrible with. i just dont really see incursion as a very competitive game mode. one main lane and a bunch of back dooring…

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I’ll answer your question first from the impression of a player who prefers Incursion.

People are playing Incursion multiple different ways, often a way ‘you’ deem to be unintended. While you consider this to be an incorrect play method, Incursion offers many players of the community to have a pvp mode that does not revolve solely around total emphasis on minion waves and lane control. Considering the changes GB made to the overgrowth map with the patch update, they obviously were maintaining that multiple strategies can and should be used in Incursion matches.

You ask “How is that fun” from the perspective of a champion Meltdown player, where the entire match revolves almost entirely around lane control and minion objectives. Incursion offers most of us who prefer the mode, a much greater experience and a lot more enjoyment for that very reason. The matches do not revolve around simple lane control. Matches in Incursion require a much broader focus to be applied to utilizing and neutralizing multiple different strategic methods of gameplay. Forcing players to utilize the sole mechanic of lane pushes to achieve the goal would essentially ruin the Incursion style, and thus create “Single Lane Meltdown V2”.

Personally this is why I prefer Incursion over Meltdown. I’m sure others will agree.
Incursion allows for a much broader usage of all of the characters in the game, as opposed to Meltdown that caters almost entirely to early to mid game characters with strong wave clear abilities.
Incursion allows for a much higher emphasis on actual PVP skills, since simple lane control is not the only way a match can be won. I’m sure many will agree that you can win a meltdown match without getting a single kill or assist. (They don’t come back in 2 sec if you kill them instead of just chasing them off from your ledge.)
Incursion has a much higher need for team communication as opposed to Meltdown’s team composition approach.

Sentries do need to be addressed for their inability to attack players in certain positions, but other than that, any tactic is fair game to be used. Try to play using a different tactic, instead of using the same meltdown tactics and you might find you have more fun.

So basically, while you may find Meltdown to be your ‘superior game mode’, many of us think the same about Incursion, and view meltdown as (one put it very well) ‘entry level mode’. The most important thing is for all of us to have the ability to choose a mode in which we can have the most fun, whether it be serious fun or, well, some other kind of fun.

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well said, i guess. to each his own i suppose. i just think that incursion has a ton of potential. definitely if the first of each sentries required minions to take down the shield. i get that the back sentry is completely a different ballgame, but cheesing the first one is pretty lame.

i wouldn’t say that i use meltdown tactics. i play a completely different character than i do in meltdown, with an entirely different focus. in meltdown i play an assassin and very smartly clear waves, seek isolated and overextended players, and out level my opponent. in incursion i play orendi and focus almost entirely on wave clear and trying to land pillars on escaping enemies, or set up easy two shots for say a marquis with my pillars. i try to utilize thrall camps, etc. I really do enjoy the overall mechanic of incursion. but as soon as you take the necessity for minion waves out of the equation, it just becomes a coordinated team death match.

although im at least partially sure you did not mean it that way, but this sounded incredibly condescending. You cant really make a comment about something having a higher emphasis on skill without directly implying that something else has a lower emphasis. i personally think that having to manage two lanes with 2-3 people in each lane, with lots of 1v1 situations, is no less of a measure of skill than everyone sitting in one lane being constantly spam healed by miko and/or alani just spamming aoe in the same spots over and over again, while a few snipers sit in the back spamming their infinite ammo guns at anything that pokes out. you cant get away with that crap in meltdown, just sitting up in rooms with ledges essentially head glitching in a moba with toby/marquis…

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You would indeed be partially correct with the quotation of my statement. Incursion allows for a much higher emphasis on actual PVP skills, meaning for each player on the team, a pvp situation is an almost given considering one will at some point have to push up, push left, push right. Over the course of a match, even a defending sniper will find their positions compromised. Encountering and eliminating a player in Incursion I have always found to have a much more dramatic impact on the course of a match than in Meltdown. My conclusion was based off the overall layout of the maps and the way in which they were designed. The barrier that one can run and hide behind as well as the turrets guarding that position offer an almost assured escape route. Considering the proximity to the 2 lanes, a player is not forced into a pvp situation if they so like by quickly running back and hiding in these easily accessible areas. Incursion on the other hand will force a player into a situation where they will find themselves in a position to fight and even if they choose to run, they cannot hide (you can chase an opponent all the way to the final sentry if you are confident and skilled enough), thus allowing for their to be a higher need to be able to PVP any given character. A player will not have to find themselves forced to PVP in Meltdown, and can utilize the sniper perches which typically are far more inaccessible in Meltdown maps to clear waves and contribute to team victory, as opposed to Incursion. Yes, snipers like toby/marquis get away in Meltdown with stuff like that (unless you’re around :slight_smile:), perhaps more easily than in Incursion. Nobody likes a Toby or Marquis in whatever game mode they are in.

The actual PVP skills of individual players I find to be equal irregardless of PVP mode, great players will be simply great players whichever match style they play in. There are many PVP situations in both modes, and a need for PVP skills in both. Incursion, I personally just find their to be a greater emphasis on each member of a team having PVP skills to be able to handle themselves and contribute, and thus allowing Incursion matches to have a higher importance for those PVP skills in contrast to one having a singular objective focus.

I will say my opinions are based off the experiences of how the platform I play on have evolved. There may be considerable difference in how the play style of the community of my platform differs from another, in which our experiences may be completely different.

(On a side note, you seem like the kind of person I would love to fight alongside, and love to fight against in one of those rare 1v1 situations. What platform are you.)

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so running back to 4 players in a lane is not the same thing? you can way more easily get behind people in meltdown than you can in incursion. incursion is just a whole bunch of aoe team shotting. does it take skill? sure. but not necessarily pvp skill. i would consider that to be 1v1 skill, primarily, and that translating into team play. but i do think the foundation of pvp skill is 1v1 skill

EDIT: i play on both xb1 and ps4, but basically only play on xb1 now. how about yourself? would love some great incursion players to carry me while i learn the ropes with orendi, and possibly never learn them

I have to say I am beyond sick of these aholes who want to belittle or insult you because you do not play to their expectations. What about playing a game for FUN? That is WHY I bought this game.

well, for me there is a time and a place. the time and place for me is when i have certain friends online at the same time and we play meltdown. that is when i take the game seriously. but when i play incursion i screw around to a degree. i am terrible with orendi, but i play her anyway because i know there’s potential in her that i simply have not figured out how to tap into yet.

I totally agree that the mode should be about pushing the minions first and foremost. Allowing the option to back door is fine but right now it is way too easy and arguably the better option. That just isn’t right. They’ve already made some changes to the Shepherds and Thralls that make them much more important and encourage more pushing minions and teamfighting over mid-Thralls. I think all of that is great and I think they need to buff the Sentries some to continue keeping the focus on the minions. Back door should be a last ditch option, not your preferred tactic.

Because it’s not being changed to force a different strategy.

And unfortunately is why it’s such an attractive option. If there’s a way to win easily with little effort it’s better than any other option.

There are many things that need to be adjusted for incursion and meltdown but capture is pretty fun. Spawn camping is really the only bad thing about it.

To me meltdown just isn’t as fun just pick a character with an aoe attack and lane clear. Then occasionally fight another player. Not sayin its not fun at all bc it is and to master that game mode wouldn’t be easy but I prefer incursion its more team based.

And as for the second sentry honestly I do use my minions just not in the way people think…i hold the room with healing station (if possible) and bug other players with a few shots n while their focused on me my minions are eating away at the sentry. Basically I’m just a diversion

essentially that is what everyone does on the second sentry, only the whole team rebuilds the other team’s thumper and healing station and just napalms, snipes, blights, and fire pillars the thing to death. sure, sometimes there are minions there, but players do almost all the dmg to the second sentry across the board

i mean, i knew that was the answer to my question. i guess i just should have asked only how winning is fun when it is done that way. i have never understood the mindset that thinks that you have to do whatever it takes to get the w no matter what. i am an extremely competitive person. i used to be an NCAA D2 volleyball coach. if what someone is doing is at least borderline exploitative, then that is not truly a competitive person. a true competitor plays straight up. no characters awaiting nerfs, no characters that need to be nerfed again, they play straight up. freaking rare gear and all, no legendaries in pvp. that is a competitor.

Yea I’ve noticed that but I actually try to wait on my minions. People dont realize how much easier it is when you have their help they think they can take on the other team and sentry alone

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I agree with you, and for me it’s not about win or lose. I noticed, in video games with updates, the best way to get things fixed is to abuse them until developers are forced to do something about it. So now I sometimes play cheap, only because I know it will help get things fixed quicker.

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