To Jakobs or not to Jakobs? Which grip is better with the Flakker

So which grip is better with the Flakker? Torgue has higher DPS, BUT the Jakobs has higher per-pellet damage, and Krieg seems to like that.

That depends, if you have Bloodfilled guns, then I think it’s pretty even, but if you have Nervous Blood also, I’d say jakobs is better. Otherwise torgue all the way.

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@Blutfatal is the guy on Flakkers xD

Given that the Flakker (Explosive) consumes 4 ammo per shot, you would likely benefit the most from a Casual Flakker (Explosive) with a Torgue grip since a matching grip increases Reload Speed and Magazine Size. A Casual Flakker (Explosive) with a Jakobs grip will have a Reload Speed of 4.9 seconds and a Magazine Size of 11 while a Casual Flakker (Explosive) with a matching Torgue grip will have a Reload Speed of 3.9 seconds and a Magazine Size of 12. If you are strictly looking at more DPS based upon fewer and faster reloads, then Torgue is the way to go. However, as I am not too familiar with Krieg’s skills perhaps @Wingsday is onto something. And like @xmngr stated, @Blutfatal is an expert on the Flakker.

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for general use, id say the torgue grip. the increased mag, faster reload, and slight buff to fire rate far outweigh a little more damage in my opinion.

Torgue all the way. Even though Nervous Blood is nice, you need to get a kill for it to process and since Torgue shotties are already slow to reload, shaving a second or so off of them comes in handy.

Torgue grip. End of story.

Ya’ll missing the point! I do use Torgue over Jakobs Majority of the time, BUT Jakobs seems to have more 1-shot power with certain builds with Krieg, also fire rate, reload speed and mag size really doesn’t annoy me on the Jakobs grip. Otherwise i thank all of you for your feedback and i do agree on Torgue being more versatile, also my Torgue-gripped Flakker has a Bandit stock, but my Jakobs has a Hyperion, so the Jakobs seems to have a tighter spread. I don’t use gibbed, i play legit.

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well, I only use the flakker on buildings with health bars, so accuracy isn’t a concern for me. and I don’t use it on krieg, so IDK if the firerate, reload, mag from his skills affect it to much.

I tested the Jakobs again yesterday, on southpaw steam and power, it seemed to perform poorly against enemies at close range, the Torgue grip is definitely better for mobbing, unless you are going up against large enemies, and you are trying to one-shot them.

Matching grip. Always. but that’s just probably talking about the fact that Gaige really needs it.