To kick players or not to kick players

On any given day we ( 6 players ) are seeing the B.A.R. of half to a dozen players ( we all host and see the same recurring visitors ) grow as much 100,000 and up per Diem. I tell them this isn’t fair to the other players, or myself for that matter, and is setting a proliferation of “cheat-tweak”…eh? ( at least we’ll all be on a level playing field again…Eh,eh ? ) . Daz yaz thinky it’s Dokey to kick the offending player with impossible B.A.R. and perhaps a complete skill tree (all slots “Buck Minster”) as well as untold other snazzy.
Give it to me straight I can fake it.

Ask for them to turn off their BAR and if they don’t want to do it then you have every right to kick them.

Ya, I’ve done this, works… but not very often, most take umbrage and claim it’s part of the game. Oddly, many still die more often than most naturals, but this only leads to more tweaking…I have kicked the most carried away, bothers me, I held a policy of never kicking anyone unless no other choice was available. The subject has been a disappointing chapter in my favorite franchises story…but I agree with with ur ans. …and thx 4 telling me I’m not the only one thinking on this…that in it’s self is some comfort.

I used to be so against kicking. Kicking in my book was originally a EXTREME LAST RESORT. I would try to talk with them about whatever the problem is and if they still wouldn’t listen or do anything about i might try to tolerate it. But over the years of online gaming i realized i’ve spent days worth of playtime not actually playing the game but trying to convince people to not do certain things in my game or trying to discuss some compromise for my own game that i am hosting.

It took years for me too accept it but i’m done spending over half a hour of my limited playtime every time someones not playing nice or by the rules (i mean this for gaming in general) to try to convince them to stop doing what their doing only to have to kick them anyways and every single minute i spent trying to avoid kicking them wasted. Now days if i’m hosting a game i run it as a Dictatorship. I’ll try to be fair about who i kick and i’ll try to make sure they are actually doing something wrong instead of just appearing to do something wrong. I’ll often even give a single warning first depending on what it is. But i won’t hesitate to give someone the boot anymore and i will no longer feel the guilt that i used to about giving someone the boot that they so desperately deserved.

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On kicking ; After just nine months or so of co-op I’m getting to exactly what u have described . Been with B.L. since the first release but…always gamed to get away from people rather than with…or so I thought. I was convinced to try co-op, and was subsequently dumb-founded with surprise ( never cared 4 multiplayer, Halo, etc. ). The genie out of the bottle and never to go back in, playing co-op very important to me, I don’t want to see it burned by omnipotence, invulnerability etc. as was the case w/ many of my friends playing co-op before me, they no longer play much ( no point 4 them ). I’m very, very glad to see that Gear does not sanction this approach, and they’re player’s supporting them.
Very refreshed by your reply, skidmarquis

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I was gonna say kick him right off the bat…but sure you can try that :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like kicking at all either. I only kick people who are trolling in a way from distracting us from our goal or players take the fun outta the game.(such as hacking B.A.R)

I’ve kicked people because:

a) they’re used hacked gear or stats and won’t stop doing so even after I asked them not to

b) they’re preventing us from travelling for a full minute

c) misc other things

However, when using a mic, sometimes I’m more likely to tolerate certain things.

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Same with me. Mic’s are a huge difference maker. If someone is causing problems and i have nothing but there silence to use to try to resolve it without kicking them, their silence is a lot less effective at keeping me from kicking them then a human voice communicating back their side of things.

On top of that, Mic’s in general help remind most people their kicking a actual human and not some random thing with no feelings. I think differently (being Autistic) so this isn’t exactly the correct wording of the exact process of thought going on in my head but what is going on results in the same outcome. Having a mic makes me less quick to kick you then no mic.

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Generally speaking, kicking someone for something that’s probably not in their control or kowledge is silly.

Communicating with them to see if they’re unaware or just not fixing the problem because they’re lazy/a dick is what I always do.

Well, except people who always sound like someone is pinching their balls all the time. I can’t take squeakers if they’re going to be running their mouths constantly.

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That was my first this in a while.

And sometimes I mute someone like that. Or if they have audio feedback. Muting sounds rude too but it’s certainly less rude than kicking.

Yeah but in games where I’m the leader (Say, Battlefield or something), I don’t want the rest of my squad to suffer. So I’ll take them out the squad entirely while being silent or at least asking them to quiet down.

Of course I’ll never actually ban someone from the game entirely, but my squad or team in any other game is a whole different story.

And I can’t even tell you how many times I told someone to unplug their mic and they don’t listen. I don’t want to hear you talk to your stoner friend about nothing and ignore the game/us entirely, or have a heated argument with your wife either. Though it is entertaining.

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