To MOD or not to MOD that is the QUESTION!

I am curious what can be done before I try to do something. For those that know how to MOD Homeworld can you let me know if these things are and are not possible before I even begin to try?

PLAYING CPU MODE: I often like to use the CPU mode to video things because I can pause and save. This is handy if there is some large battle I need to get different angles, and or multiple shots because I can replay form a specific point over and over and over. It is always cool to PAUSE, issue orders, and then un-pause to have them take effect. However, not having control of the CPU side of things means I cannot get the exact scene I want if it is a battle.

QUESTION: Is there any way to MOD a sandbox mode for CPU mode so that the player can play both sides? I am unsure if this is even possible in the core code or not? Currently in order to do what we want the wife and I play Multi player and set up each side and execute. This requires a large amount of work to do and if not right the first pass, has to be all set up again because we cannot save the position to execute multiple times.

CAMPAIGN COOP: Having the ability to make campaign maps is very cool. I am wondering if it is possible to make campaign maps COOP so that design can be made for missions with multi people playing together?

MULTI: Along the same line as COOP campaign maps is it possible to make a MULTI player map with scripted events and civilian or Pirate units that are enemy to all human players?

NOTE: All of this behavior is so low priority since there are workarounds and they are for very specific purposes. I am just inquiring in case I am missing something that somebody else knows!  like, “oh yea b8 there is a sandbox MOD over here”, or “b8 you can control the CPU player by using command X” haha. Wishful thinking?

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My off-the-top-of-the-head responses

re PLAYING CPU MODE: Not exactly possible in the ideal state you describe, but it is possible to set up a modded game where it’s a lot easier and faster to do all the setup you’re talking about.

re COOP: Probably possible. It’s something that’s on my personal to-do list, and I’m sure it’ll be tricky, but it seems possible. Same also true of MULTI.

The mod I work on, Homeworld:@, has a sandbox mode and a survival mode(only tested for local singleplayer) that might be informative.