To online multi players a suggestion

Suggest that until GBox gets in their heads to give us a multi-player lobby that when making a online game please include either your player name and or your Clan tag in game title or both. This multi player game maker is stunted at best as it stands.

Whenever I am not actually looking for a game I will host a mini-lobby game…

Name will always be - OMO CHAT ONLY

7 others will be able to come in and chat, and that is better than nothing.

Anyone else that does this should remember to put CHAT ONLY in the title, or ppl will swarm in saying “3v3?” or “top v bottom?” :smile:

Or, you can go old school and find #homeworld. And that’s not a Twitter hashtag I’m talking about. I’m going to have one of the ops or I will create a #hwrlobby tonight. Meet up there we will co ordinate a game.