To require steam or not to require steam, that is the question

I’d like to play borderlands 2 on my computer but I don’t want to have to install steam to do it. in many places it appears that steam is required for digital download but under system requirements there is no mention of steam. so if i purchase the game on a physical disk do i have to have steam to play it.

In your case no, since you will be installing the game from a physical disk there should be no need for Steam- that’s only if you want to buy it digitally, and even then Epic has a 6 month exclusivity window.

awesome, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure that the full system requirements have been released yet. It might be wise to hold on a little while.

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i’m talking about borderlands 2 not “3”, 2 came out like 5 years ago i’m pretty sure they should have released the full system requirements by now.

Almost 7 years, not 5.

even more to my point thanks :slight_smile:


Silly me. Carry on.

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