To Restart or Not...That is the Q?

Since the release of Borderlands 2 I think I’ve restarted 4 times. 3 on the PS3, and then again from scratch when the HC came out on my PS4. I’ve got to the stage again where I’m loosing that will to play and grind loot because I literally have everything…again.

So question is, do I wipe my profile and restart from scratch. Currently I’ve leveled 5 Sirens, and 1 of all others.

Answer, Yes.

Now I have tons of super loot which I totally didn’t loot from any corpses, so for fun I’m gonna video myself chucking off the bridge at Thousands Cuts so the pain and sorrow can be shared with all :smile:

Hardest things to chuck will be Norfleet, Twister, Interfacer, HotM, Blockade, all those Pimpernels and Sandhawks, and the multitude of relics, class coms, nades, etc.

Video to be uploaded later when I stop crying :joy:


Don’t do it mate!!!

I like you have spent over 50 days well over 2000 hours on BL2 not including that of TPS according to my game stats on Xbox One.

I have loads of characters where I have started fresh with them like yourself, some are 100% complete others are in the process of getting there, once they are done will start another should I feel the need. Try another character that you have not used before as I see you have really only sirens, just feel that what you are about to do is very drastic indeed.

Personally couldn’t do it lol.

It’s done.

Big anti-climax though, the video didn’t record so the fun can’t be shared.

Still, I’ve done the story mode about 100 times, so now it’s time to get it on!! No badass ranks either now, total wipe!

I think Torgue would approve.

Don’t do it; you’ll miss them and it will torment you forever…

If the brown boxes around the letters ‘no’ are any kind of clue- isn’t it a bit early for April Fools jokes? :grin:

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Totally wiped it :smile: Actually been streaming my nOOb Siren this evening for a change. Not the greatest connection, but 720 seems ok. Actually such a nice feeling starting over, got lots to do again…for the billionth time lol

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Wipe it clean, man.

You’ll find all the gear you need again.

Figure out your perfect Siren, spec all your badass tokens just for that build, and do it.

Of course I’m OCD with my badass ranks; I’m don’t mind resetting it all for that next character. What’s more annoying than having 5.2% shield recharge delay when you’re running a melee toon? Or having all that Elemental effect chance % when you’re not running an elemental damage character?

Besides, leveling up a new concept is more fun than grinding OP levels with a toon that you’re already tired of.

Just my 2 cents.

EDIT: You should have all your badass tokens still if you’re on PS4. Wiping the system save data and online save data will delete your toons, but give you back all of your tokens, so you can reallocate them.

Yeh i did. Got my 1st Siren 72 now and pretty well geared up already. I did actually forget the BAR stayed with the profile, so i allocated them nicely for max shield and elemental stuff, reload etc. Only 10 days till season 10 on Diablo though…

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Good luck with your new Siren and with the new Diablo toon.

But is it already season 10 with D3? Damn, I’m getting old.