To Taunt or Not to Taunt that is the?

In order for us to be all on the same page here is the definition of the word Taunt.

1.a remark made in order to anger, wound, or provoke someone.
synonyms: jeer, jibe, sneer, insult, barb, catcall

1.provoke or challenge (someone) with insulting remarks.
"students began taunting her about her weight"
synonyms: jeer at, sneer at, scoff at, poke fun at, make fun of, get at, insult, tease, chaff, torment, goad, ridicule, deride, mock, heckle

I am for one in favor of Taunts and Taunting. It fits many of the BB character personalities. I don’t consider myself an Ice Whole for doing it. Some players maybe pros or better than average, some are average or noobcakes, but that doesn’t matter to me. If I get a kill most likely I am going to Taunt.

I don’t consider it to be a negative thing when someone Taunts me, I probably over extended or got caught in a CC. I feel that it is just a part of the game, like facing a pre made 5 man when solo queuing. Also, I do not get all red with anger when someone Taunts me. I dont try to run the whole map and try to get my revenge Taunt, in fact if I get a revenge taunt cool if not no big deal.

What are your thoughts and opinions on taunts or taunting?
Who has the best free taunt and the best platinum taunt?

Free: I think Reynas middle finger and Paid: Kleese kongo drums are the best.


I dont often taunt because Im too busy playing the game but I like that its an option because it fits the personality of the game. People that get angry when taunted tend to be the same people who taunt out of anger. That I dont like, the sense of anger or vengence in this game feels wrong.

Also taunts are too funny to be mad at.


Taunts are there for a reason…to USE THEM! Haha

Thread way back that talked about this that I’m sure someone will link but might as well start fresh.

My rules
If it’s a clean kill, ( you did the work ) Taunt away
Were you ambushed or cornered and still took them down? Taunt Away
Do they keep coming back trying to take you out and you put them in their place? Taunt Away
Did they recently steal a kill from someone else and taunt you? Definitely taunt

Did YOU steal the kill from a teammate? You’re asking for trouble, Don’t taunt
Are you picking on a newbie and going out of your way to kill them? Don’t be a jerk, you’ll drive away players. 1. Don’t do that 2. Don’t taunt

Favorite Taunts:
Any that Toby apologizes ( these crack me up )
Whiskeys air hump

Beatrix looks like she’s going to have some great ones, I’m super psyched!


I expected to be taunted when I played you and took an arrow to the face.

Some taunts are rly offensive, others are rly funny. I like to taunt, i try to dont taunt new players unless they are Benedict (always taunt beni) or they taunted me first.


This is the most lengthy discussion I could find towards taunts but it does date a few months back


I taunt whenever I win a mirror match. Or when I’m chased down past my sentry and a Montana stuns them and I get the kill. Or when I kill anyone who is already salty


Found it

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Thanks guys for your research

Thorn is my main so Im sorry to disappoint you by not taunting I guess haha

Regardless of whether taunts are funny or in the intended spirit of the game, I associate them with jerks. This is because the vast majority of the time, I get taunted after a gank by someone who deserved very little credit for the kill. Also, I get taunted the most when I’m playing a support. So I’m running around trying to heal someone and eat some grenades that bounce around a corner from Ernest or some rocket spam from a Benedict that is perched up on a ledge in the distance. And somebody taunts over that.

Taunts aren’t going to trigger me, I don’t think I play better or worse after being taunted, but I have less respect for the players that taunt. And I know of a couple that taunt every single kill in which they’re involved, which is pretty sad.


Well, in all fairness it would have been justified. Now that Gali runnng around with Miko attached, that is something else lol

Yeah I dont generally approve of that but hey ho

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Anyone that gets mad at being taunted should be enrolled in anger management classes.


There are 3 reasons why I taunt:

  1. They taunt me first and I gotta got them back :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. They try so hard and push so so far to kill me just to fail horribly
  3. They are a known player among the community (usually disliked)

I usually only taunt if they were extremely stupid, or if it was a good 1v1.

I also revenge taunt for my teammates, and players who taunt every kill.

…and after I do something cool so it will look even cooler when I record it.


I always follow 1 rule with taunts - always taunt after killing Pendles. It always feels good. No matter the level/skill of the player.

I very, very rarely taunt low level players, but they always seem to enjoy to taunt everytime they get a kill ^^. So if they kill me and they taunt me - I start to taunt them too. It’s fun.

  • I always taunt someone if my team says to taunt someone ^^
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I wish we had a kill cam instead.

  1. When you do something taunt worthy. Example: Killing someone by knocking them off the map. You know what I mean. xD

okay, but this is a topic about taunting and your opinions on it. Start a new thread