To Taunt or Not to Taunt that is the?

I have strict rules about taunting;

  • If I kill a doppelganger I taunt.
  • If I kill somebody who was chasing me for a while trying to kill me, I taunt.
  • If I kill somebody who killed an ally recently, I taunt
  • If somebody taunts an ally after killing them, they’'ll be taunted ALWAYS forever…and ever.
  • If somebody is using an OP character, I taunt

Recently I’ve made a new rule;

  • If I’m using Ernest’s “The Display” or Whiskey’s “Chevalier”, ALWAYS taunt, no reasons needed.

But that is my opinion on taunting? Unnecessary.


To throw my two cents, the majority of the time it’s a no.

The main reason being, is I play mostly melee and the squishier of that class to boot; Taunting in the thick of it is suicidal for me.

I do have some exceptions though.

Going by the definition as well, I will sometimes taunt an opponent I’ve marked as my rival or a pain in my butt opponent.

By taunting them, I’m attempting to convey they have my attention and now I have theirs. Not to piss them off/insult or trigger them.

I also almost exclusively try to avoid the salt taunts (tea ceremony, all of benedict) and prefer the more honorable taunts (Alani’s bow, majority of Miko’s taunts)

Fav Free:
Super Saiyan Reyna

S & A Jiggy.

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Not one, but two people :stuck_out_tongue: jon being one of them :slight_smile:

no names please… although I am sure he knows it lol

“kill cam”

Bring it on! I f*cking dare you.

A taunt within a thread on taunting? That’s “tauntception”. I think…

Anyways, i always taunt players who seem to have a reasonable amount of skill, even if it was an accidental kill-steal, so long as it’s safe to do so. This is because if i can get someone to take it personal and focus me, they will make irrational decisions (like overextending to kill me), and the enemy team will essentially be down a player. In other words, if you lose your head, your ass will follow.

EDIT: Oh, and only when the teams are even, or my team is losing. Probably should have mentioned that, haha. I’m not 100% a dick.


No time for taunting, got Bb to kill.


Im double taunting you all


I see your double-taunt, and raise you the ULTIMATE taunt:


WHY is it the “ULTIMATE” taunt? Because not only do you feel embarrassed at being killed by THAT, and want vengeance; you ALSO don’t want to kill the cute little guy. The conflicting emotions will then bring on enough mental stress to cause an aneurysm.


Unless used on a sociopath in which case there would be no emotion response just a cold logic to murder you :wink:

Uh… It also makes crazy people sane. It hasn’t worked on me yet, but i’m sure that’s just because i’m doing something wrong.

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oh it’s alright I actually like the guy, he is well known though!

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I see your ULTIMATE taunt…and imagine this


I played against a Toby on monuments. Claw lunged up to the sniper perch to kill him - instead of attacking me he starts taunting me. So I taunt back and stop attacking him. As I get back to my team he swiftly proceeds to kill me. And taunts me again.

Broke my got damn heart. I can never trust anyone ever again. I thought we were friends Toby. I thought we were friends!!


Wasn’t me, if you’re on PS4; i’ve been hoping for one of those fabled “taunt-truces” forever.

There is an evil Toby out on the loose on PC.


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Toby: Gasp… Could it be…? No… No… I mean… We KILLED him! Still… Could it have been…


Dramatic music.


My rules with an additional taunt away if that person is one of my good friends that I know are good or I play with often!

And speaking of other people though and level of offense,just my 2 cents, but I think that some people take taunts to incomprehensible heights sometimes. I was playing with this guy I see semi often, we taunt each other as a friendly rivalry thing, but one match we go up against one of his buddies and he’s telling me all about how cool he is and what not. He taunts him for sh*ts and giggles cause he assumes its cool, its the same meaning behind our taunts, and he tells me to do it, so I do(to his case, we were 2v1 as my buddy interfered on our fight) and after I taunted he joined our party and starting dissing us and immediately starting challenging us to 1v1 him for money, trying to hustle us. I was speechless as I couldnt take him seriously for the situation but I 1v1 him on/off red and yellow bar connection and lost just to humor him so he would finally leave us alone.

Can’t blame him though. Im not his buddy and I was benedict soooooo I see the rage inducing connection but to actually be serious about trying to hustle players for money? I couldn’t stop laughing during our 1v1 and I feel terrible but I’ve never experienced that before lmao He gave himself free kills on me for rules he never announced before the match(recalling and building buildables). ensuring his own victory to reaching 5 kills 1st. He would’ve hustled my pockets if I actually agreed to the money part but he agreed to a simple 1v1 to get revenge taunts whilst telling me suck it xD

EDIT: He wasn’t some low level christmas noobie. 105 S&A main.

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Idea for there being a kill cam:

Before it shows you the actual kill cam, it shows your character doing their taunt (similar to Overwatch’s play of the game). The respawn times are definitely long enough for this to work, at least mid to late game.

However, it could get very old very quick.


Nice to see a familiar xbox gamer here! totally off topic but I’ve seen you around on several occasions @arcaneredneck, usually against you being galilea