To Tech support: Final Form not accessible in Epic store for Super Deluxe purchaser

I sent in a support ticket and got a canned unhelpful response. Rather than going through the whole rigamaroll of providing all kinds of info I’d have to look up, and causing the support staff to have to address this case by case, I thought I’d bring it to the attention of support staff in these forums.

Please make the Epic Games Final Form skins available to those people who they are supposed to be available to. Thank you kindly!


They didn’t show up as a store item for me but were available in the New-U station.

I have the same issue, bought that version for epic, but not skins available anywhere ingame and they have a price listed in the epic games store so it is not a case of simply downloading them for free either.

I am not sure if this is the cause, but I saw a thread on reddit where somebody was told that epic were not supporting those people who bought the super deluxe edition from a 3rd party site, despite them having clear evidence of eligibility by the fact that they delivered the previous 3 dlc’s to those people.

If this the case then I would hope that gearbox would ensure epic delivers the content we are entitled to, since if it wasn’t due to them taking the cash for the exclusivity most bl3 players on epic would have got the game on steam instead, but wanted to support this franchise right away.

Yeah, same Issue here - i want to wait a bit, before buying the new season pass, but thought i could see the new final forms, but also a nope for me - Super Deluxe Edition Owner on Epic

One thing I have noticed as well, Amara’s Final Form skin isn’t even showing at all on the EGS for me, just the other 3 VHs.

I assume under “body” in the New-U?

I ordered the superdeluxe edition. Did you get it via that or something else like buying the SP2?

I purchased SP2.

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That explains it. It was well set up for that, probably because it was a new purchase rather than an update to an older one.

FYI. I just read on Twitter (it was posted 2 hrs ago) that this is a known issue and that they are working on it.

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And they post it to Twitter, not their forums. Bloody hell.

It was a response to someone’s question instead of an “official” post. I was just bringing it to @kenziesilk attention and to anyone else who may be in the same boat.