To The Developers, I have just one thing to say

Thank You. Thank you for making battleborn the game it is. Unlike quite a few people here, I appreciate the time you take and hours of work you put into the game to try and make it better every week. Not many people realize this game has only been out for about 3-4 months. I believe there is a lot of potential in this game, and although it may not have all of it being used, it doesn’t mean that some day it will. I been a fan of this game since Beta. Then Bought the digital deluxe edition (pre-ordered). I continue to play this game daily. As it helps me escape the crude reality of life. I truly look forward to new characters, game modes, levels and story operations that you continue to put out. And I know I am not alone on this. A lot of us here thank you. All that I ask of you guys is that you continue to dedicate your time in making this game truly badass. I’m sure that’s what we all want. No one wants to see your game fail or go down hill. We want to help make it better, see it to continue grow and Make BattleBorn the BADASS Game its meant to be.
I figured I’d write this thread because I’m tired of seeing so many threads about how this game sucks, or how the dev failed. THIS GAME HAS BEEN OUT FOR 3-4 MONTHS. I for one will be giving them time to make this game into something I KNOW WILL KICKASS!! Perhaps we could use this thread as a way of letting the developers know what changes we would like to see. Not Complain about what they got wrong. Let them know that they have gamers who look forward to playing new content that they should create. Not say I’m throwing this game out because I’m unhappy with how its made. A lot of you people here probably have no idea how much hours and work goes into making a game, patching it, and changing it up to a point where it doesn’t create more bugs, or glitches. If making games were easy, we would all be doing it, and not sitting here playing other peoples games. So Really Thank you, to the amazing team of people who created BattleBorn and continue to make it great every week. Please do not give up, do not give into the whiners, and complainers. Please just continue to focus on creating something special and making BattleBorn a game truly worth experiencing. THANK YOU.


It truly is an amazing experience I’ve played the game every oppurtinity possible and I still love it. It’s up there with my favorite games of all time(along with warriors orochi 3 which btw is free on Xbox one)


I would love to see battleborn stay off the free to play list. Atleast for the first few years. Everybody Is always complaining about making the game free. But if they did that. It would take away so much progress they could add to the game with It not being free. I think this games needs to not be a free to play game. Because they need the money to make the game better. This game is also a big favorite of mine. And it will be for a very long time.


Yes! This is what I like to see! No need for a nerf, this character is totally balanced!! :sunglasses:


I wish I could like this post more than once. :sunglasses:

I actually wasn’t interested in this game at all, from the moment it was announced, up until the open beta began. I just felt like it was the type of game that I could never see myself enjoying, or having fun with. Once I tried it out, I got hooked so fast. I had a blast playing the open beta with friends. Immediately pre-ordered the digital deluxe once the beta had ended.

And here I am now, completely obsessed with it. The environments, the characters, the story and lore behind it, everything. It’s unreal how invested I’ve become with this game. So stoked for the future of it. I truly believe that it’ll continue to grow and get better.


Battleborn is my favorite game of 2016, im really addicted because of the characters, dialoges, deep and almost tactical gameplay etc. Keep it up the good work devs. :slight_smile:


-likes topic and continues reading-

Battleborn is amazing, and so many people complain about things that are worse in other games that are more popular. But whatevs, we true fans will keep playing this game FOREVER!

I love this game.

In fact I love it so much that I am worried that in like 20 Years I won’t be able to play it, might the day come and they shut down the servers.

I hope if BB comes to an end they leave a way behind so at least local Plays of the Story Mode are still available.

I don’t want to ever start up my Console and see the game is gone for good. Not until I’m 150 years old, which will be in more than 125 years… so keep the servers running!


I know the servers won’t be up forever (though the dreamer in me hopes we’ll be able to host LAN games or similar after they close) but I’ve already got my money’s worth from this game and will continue having a damn good time with it for as long as I can.

So much forum furore consists of bemoaning the low player base, slamming Battleborn with speculations about why that’s the case… but it’s not really a huge subject of interest for me. It makes me worry about the game’s long term future and support. But that’s all hypothetical right now, and sure as hell isn’t stopping me having fun in the meantime. And of course more players means matchmaking can be stronger. But even though the player base is small, I am still getting lots of fiercely fought games. In a way it’s quite fun to meet people you’ve played with before. We’re a select club but a generally good one.

My hope is that matchmaking can be improved despite the low player base. Getting skill-based matches, and in particular providing an acceptable environment for new players, will be a huge step forward and I hope it’s still possible. But right now I don’t see any reason to cry ‘abandon ship’ en masse. I’m having a blast.

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Totally agreed. I love this game. Thank you devs.



Beautiful, well said!

Honestly, thank you, Devs.

Love this game soooo much!


This game is an uncut gem. It’s rough around the edges, and people will fault it for that, but for those of us that have had the chance to see it in all it’s glory, it is certainly something to behold.

I bought this game over the glossed rock that Blizzard was throwing around because I love what this game has to offer. Yeah, I’m terrible at MOBAs, but this game cut out what I didn’t like about them and gave me something to enjoy.

I might be taking a break from the game right now (I’m not one of those people that can play the same game constantly, plus there are other games that have captured my attention lately), but I do enjoy coming and playing a few PvE missions to pass the time.

Got it half price during the Steam Summer Sale, played 128 hours. I’d certainly say I got my monies worth :slight_smile:


I remember being interested in Battleborn when it was first announced…then people started talking about Overwatch and I was like "Wait…is that that one game from Gearbox?"
Of course they were like, “No. Blizzard, duh.”

Oh…they sound so similar.
Well, Battleborn still has my heart over Overwatch.

But they’re not?

I didn’t know much about either besides “Hero Shooter” before Battleborn hit Open Beta. I wasn’t following it that closely. I was just excited for it.
So, when I heard other people talking about a hero shooter, I just assumed Battleborn, only to learn about Overwatch.

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same here. Thank You GBX. I spend various hours per day after work / family time / etc etc


I have to agree with everyone in saying “THANK YOU GEARBOX!”

I have truly enjoyed this game way more than i was expecting. I got the digital deluxe edition as soon as i could just because i loved the beta that much. Overwatch is something that i will NEVER play because i love BB too much. My 4 year old enjoys watching me play the game cause he enjoys the character designs. He calls El Dragon king. He loves ISIC. Granted he isn’t keen on Kleese brain skin. You guys have to keep this game going for many years because i want him to enjoy the game by playing it as well as watching it.


Yes! I love the overall positivity in your post. I wish more people would be more open to giving this game a chance. It’s a great game and it’s brought me and me brother closer (he didn’t want anything to do with battleborn but it’s his favorite now ).

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Oh my 4 year old Nephew is the same! He is in love with Caldarius and calls him a ‘Transformer’ ;p He can watch the command screen for an hour without getting bored, it’s amazing! (Kinda off topic but I had to respond to this. ;p)


I watched the first trailer and got super hyped. Then saw Overwatch’s characters. Got excited about a game with unique characters with skills. I hear of the open beta for this game. I had completely forgotten about it. Fell in love. I hate games with such low TTK where you need the awareness of a cybernetic hedgehog to survive. In OW, if I die, I just say awwww. In this game, I realize the three ways I could’ve avoided it and go back and win.

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