To the Developers of BL3

Another addition I just thought of…something that has been discussed many times and would be a TREMENDOUS addition to the next game.

The “Grinder” in TPS was an excellent step in the right direction.

What would be a tremendous addition to BL3 would be:

Scooter’s Parts Shop or
Marcus’s Customization Emporium or

but the concept is simply bring a weapon into the shop from your backpack
Drop it in a roll out drawer
Then proceed to customize it with the parts desired and the Accessory

Pay cash
Pay Eridium
Pay crystals
Pay tokens
Pay whatever currency GB decides is relevant for this

Get the grip you want…or the scope…or stock or whatever

You could do the same with Mods…but their vaules would only increase one step each visit…and probably be pretty expensive…something like that

The ONLY thing the Parts Shop could not do is change type of gear and Level of the gear.

GREAT way to make all that currency actually VALUABLE.

I mean almost all my Level 80 Characters are running around with Max currency, tokens Eridium and crystals right now with nothing really to spend it on.

This really would not reduce farming since you have to have the currency of the realm to actually BUY the upgrades. How do you get additional currency? Farming.

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@supes50 EVERYBODY sucks at OP8…don’t worry bud. You are in good company.

I think where they went wrong was the damage penalty…not so much the scaling per se…

At least in my mind. 55% reduced damage at OP8 is a total eye opener. Take an OP8 gun into the range at level 72 and shoot it…then take that same gun into the range at OP8 and when you see less than half the damage…it’s jolting to say the least.

But their concept was to make it a CHALLENGE and they certainly did that.

Unfortunately, it was a challenge only answered by a few dedicated experienced players and even though they gave you the “option” to play at any level from 72 up to OP8…unfortunately it left a bad taste in the mouths of casuals and experienced players who did not want to take a BUNCH of hours to get used to this kind of play and enjoy it.

And to tell you the truth…I just don’t know how to solve that problem…

Make it too easy and the best players…the YouTubers…the Time Trials players…the ones who document and discover everything…the ones who advertise the game constantly and get folks excited about it…get disgusted or bored and leave.
Make it too hard and the vast majority of “other” folks get frustrated and lose interest and leave

It’s a delicate balance. And I think GB came pretty close…but the scaling got a bit out of hand in the end.

Let me say this to you though…

IF you pay the price and take the hours and FARM and TRADE and acquire the right gear…the OP Levels can be challenging AND FUN!

But you are right, the price is steep!. Oh and if you are on PC…I’d be glad to help you level up and I have boatloads of totally legit gear…can give you some. Been playing for 4 years. I GOT STUFF…as they say…LOL


I actually made a topic about an idea similar to this a while back, if you’re interested:

Also, I agree with a lot of what you’ve said here. I personally still dislike the enemy health regen / mandatory slag of UVHM as well - don’t really like slag at all, to be honest, I found TPS’s Cryo a bit more interesting and usable. Especially regarding melee characters.


As for the difficulty issue. IMO, most devs try to solve this with making the enemies tougher and deadlier. Which isn’t bad, if it’s not taken to extremes, but at the same time, there are other ways to increase difficulty. You can make them smarter (this can be hard to achieve beyond a certain level of smart though, as AI coding gets hard at some point). But one way I rarely see used well is to simply add more enemies. It’s amazing how that increases difficulty in interesting ways, and part of the reason I really liked the L4D series of games: Zombies are total weaklings on their own, but in hordes of even 30+ they are quite threatening. A side benefit is that more enemies=more things to shoot w/ all that ammo the game spawns.


Don’t forget to include the option to port over your save from a BL2 to keep the skins. some of us farmed like crazy for the skins. Not really caring for the profile as a whole, would be cool though, but I don;t want to ruin my BL3 experience.

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Got rolled twice by the under-leveled loot yesterday:

Cruising through Sawtooth, cracking open containers. LLM pops out, we kill him. Oh wow, he dropped a shock Rabid Shredifier! And it’s got a nice sight on it!

Oh, it’s OP6. Of course. lol

Then I fired up TPS for a minute. Load into Triton with Aurelia; check the vendors right next to the fast travel.

!!! A Cryo Machine!? Nice! I’ll definitely take…I definitely won’t take that because it’s lv. 68.

I really, really, really hope they change that.


Dropping loot at lower levels than what you are currently at HAS to coincide with the worst design decisions in the history of this series…

(1) Non Farmable bosses in the first version of TPS
(2) Locked arenas after you play them one time
(3) Loot dropping at lower levels than what you are at

NONE of these make common sense

In fact, they don’t make any sense at all.

But what do I know…I’m just the consumer…LOL


Yes and a he77 yes to the grinder idea. That thing is ridiculously addictive

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  1. No slag - Makes certain weapons/gear/skills mandatory

  2. Make leveling faster and end game harder. Why? So you get max level faster and not have to play a second time through. Getting to farming faster and raid bosses.

  3. Keep the grinder. Maybe enhance it in a way like Diablo 3 where you can upgrade or change aspects randomly.

  4. This one I’m on the fence about. More armor and maybe even “sets” for even more diverse character builds.

  5. Agree with OP. Test those skills!! Hate when they don’t work as intended!!!

  6. If you do bring Back old characters. Add new skills with "fan favorites as well.

  7. No more badass Rank. Bring back weapon proficiency!!!

  8. As far as new characters. For a pet class can we get one that has a Skagg as a pet? Thanks!

  9. Steal some ideas from Diablo 3 and Destiny. More end game type missions/rifts style things with higher chance of drops etc.

  10. No butt stomps like in pre sequel. That was just dumb.



I wouldn’t mind a merging of the two and a way to set each individual characteristic on/off- that way you can play with everything or just the selections you want…

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Weapons and Loot

  1. Make Elite drops and purchases worth using. Some Seraph gear that cost 120 crystals, well frankly they were useless and nobody uses half of them. Same could be the same about some Pearlescent weapons. Very rare and hard to get from limited sources, and some not worth the bother.
  2. End game. When gear drops it should be your level, so it can be used. Spending hours trying to get rare and BIS gear is pointless and really not much fun if it drops 2 levels under and unusable.
  3. What’s the point in having Missions Rewards with 5 different elements - and not have a choice to which one you take? You know people are just going to dashboard farm for what they want, and that is not gaming. Give the user a choice.
  4. In multiplayer finder games, disable gear dropping. If people want to get rid of stuff they have to delete it or go to their bank. Make them swap, don’t allow all this gear manipulation. When people got good drops in Destiny, it was because they had to wait for it, not just someone dropping it on the floor for them.
  5. If bosses have a multi-element weapon drop - like the Badaboom - give them a higher drop rate. This will allow people to try and get the element they are after without spending 5 years getting it…oui.
  6. Try and have a better balance. Not sure if this is the Borderlands ethic, but pretty much everyone uses the same gear end game because there is no choice.
  7. Bosses like Vermivorous and Hyperius should have less options to drop. Head, Skin, Baddass Weapon. Not something like a Nasty Surprise to waste all your effort. Make it worth the time spent. Same with Ohmd Ohmd Och and Dex, massive time effort with potential for nothing. Puts people off doing it. OOO should have 100% drop for Twister with chance for Seraph.


  1. Definitely replayable stuff like Arena’s. Even a server side leaderboard that had different playable arena’s and time trials. All games succeed with good end game stuff. DigiPeak was a good idea, but not so well constructed. People could get to the end boss using rocket jumping - don’t be so naive as to how people will try and cheat at everything. Destiny RAID’s were ruined early game, don’t fall victim to bad design.
  2. Make RAID’s a litttle more diverse, not all just one boss farming. Would make for better co-op. Take Battleborn missions for example, ok solo, but much better fun co-op. You could, for example, take the Bloodshots end game and turn it into a RAID. Use the maps, why not, just make them hard as hell and make people work for their RAID loot. Yes it should be doable solo, not everyone can be online or in groups, but diversity please.
  3. Make DLC’s more viable for replaying and visiting the areas within them. The Torgue Arena could have been a good Arena fight - replayable. Lost potential.
  4. I love evolving Varkids, and trying for Vermivorous, but it’s not viable solo anymore, just too long winded and RNG based. Try and think of a better mechanic that could aid solo players to level up those enemy. Why force people into groups?
  5. Getting in out and of vehicles…OMG! Please, make it quick and slick. In Scarlet’s those boats were so bad. When you get out it takes forever, and you end up glitched in the side of the boat. Really crap animation stuff, GBX is better than that. Please make coming back to life a little less tedious too…
  6. Like in Battleborn, tone down the element effects a bit so you can see what is actually going on. What with slag clouds, Cloudkill, fire, shock, can’t see who i’m shooting!!

Updates and DLC

Please do not have files pre-installed 4 or 5 days prior to DLC going live. PC community just hacks them and gets game saves available before it goes live. I hate this. Files should be available for download ON THE DAY it goes live.

Game Glitches, cheating and community

Please be aware of what is going on, and FIX the stuff that ruins the game quick. If you look at some youtube channels all they have is glitch methods and cheating. Not good. You have community managers, seek out the cheating methods and fix. I’m sure you’ll be looking at the bank, but take pride in what you achieve.

May the force be with you.


I always though that some “sets” like Hammerlock, Scarlett, and Captain Blade should give something if you have all of them equiped.
Would solve Hammerlock guns bad fire rate/damage scaling, or give some reason to use Captain Blade cursed guns that are not the Rapier/Rustler Orphan Maker.

It could be like D3, where you can change 1 aspect of the guns: be it grip, stock or acessory.

The Peak idea was amazing, like a Rift in D3. Just make more of it. Some Raids like Destiny would be cool, too.

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Now here’s an idea! One thing I dislike is in this game is that I don’t have any reason to go to some places end game unless I just want to run through them. Having some “raid versions” of regular maps, perhaps as timed events, would be really cool. In BL2 Opportunity could have a few spots you’d need to visit to unlock a badass boss spawn in the map while there are more enemies than usual.

Umm, the Torgue arena is replayable. Main campaign circle of slaughters aren’t.

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Yeah loved the peak. Agree make more of those. Wonder if they can randomize them as well?

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Maybe change some bosses at least? Like, the Sheriff could be spawned with her Deputys instead of the Assassins?
Bad Maw instead of Doc Mercy?
Spycho instead of Scorch?

A little off topic…

Sigh…I wish PC even HAD Destiny…

I would have liked to compare it.

I wonder why they never went the PC route. Surely the economics of possible PC sales was not the reason as the PC market, while smaller, still drives the technology aspect of gaming…

video cards and requirements
processing power needed
display capabilities

and all the really breakthrough stuff…the high def VR is all being developed in the PC arena. (and yes I realize that the console companies are working on VR. But everyday consoles will never have the processing power and graphics power needed for true VR.) At least not consoles at less than $2K selling price). Heck, today’s higher end PCs with the $2k and higher price tag can barely handle the lower end requirements of a true VR system

Something else was going on and I just don’t know what.

cruz…think you meant to post this in the unofficial Community Patch Thread

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Well, why not? :smile:

Weapons and Loot: Number 3 could be better solved by letting players reset individual missions, imo. Number 6 is a common thing devs struggle with: giving meaningful choices to the player (Riot Games wrote a rather nice blog post about design challenges that, among other things, covered that topic a bit, worth a read for any dev or gamer). Number 7, you have to be careful with: You don’t want it to be too easy to find everything or the game will lose some replay value. At the same time, you do want important gear that many characters and builds will want to have to easy enough to obtain that the player isn’t terribly frustrated trying to get one for their character(s) and build(s) that want/need it. This makes me think that, the best candidates for ‘chase rares’ are items that open up new playstyles (ex: high acc shotgun that can be used to snipe; sure you can use a sniper rifle instead and get similar results, but with that gun, you can run a pure shotgun build and have weaponry to use at every engagement range)

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Riot article on meaningful choice. Although a good bit of what was said is LoL specific, the same concepts apply to any game, including BL3.