To the Devs regarding anointed gear

You guys need to change some of the anointed requirements to trigger when action skill ends, instead of “after phasegrasp”, or “after phaseslam”. We don’t have enough room in our bank/inventory to carry weapons that are specific to the action skill we chose to use. If the person wants to have fun with a different build, that anointed bonus becomes useless. And I think grinding for weapons with that specific to skill is beyond reasonable. For Moze there is no such grind/variety of weapons required, she only has “after exiting Iron Bear”.(for her action skill). Please make it the same for everyone else. Just a suggestion. Thanks for reading.


false, moze has annoited where kills makes iron bear come back soon, or involve auto bear, while amara has it worse, thats what you get for having ALL the action skills, but by far Zane has it the easiest by having 2 action skills equipped at once

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I don’t agree at all with this. There already are versions of annointed buffs that trigger after action skill ends, just with lower values. Take for example the Weapon Damage increase anointment: There are 3 different types for Amara:

  • After using Phaseslam, Weapon Damage is increased by 300% for a short time.
  • After using Phasecast, Weapon Damage is increased by 250% for a short time.
  • On Action Skill End, Weapon Damage is increased by 100% for a short time.
    It totally makes sense to have annointments for the different action skills because they have different cooldowns. Phaseslam has the highest cooldown, so it totally makes sense that you can get more weapon damage here.

Most other anointments work only on Action Skill End anyways.

Basically, this increases build diversity. An option would be to combine all these effects into one single anointment. But I think it is nice that it is not that easy to get the perfect rolls on your gear, so I think it should stay as it is.


i will say this though, fl4k and moze gain the best bonuses because of the plus 50% damage for hte next 2 mags, especially if you have some for the road

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What’s “false”? I’m talking about anointed bonuses which trigger after the action skill ends.

because you said moze only has one flag, which she doesnt

Does she have anointed weapon effects that can trigger after the end of some other skill, other than Iron Bear?

she has a flag where when Autobear is active she gains buffs, or when she gets kills Ironbear coolsdown 30% faster

^^Once again “when action skill ends”. She has only ONE action skill

you are really stuck on this one thing

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The “short time” is not that short though. From my tests, it is around 12 seconds. As Amara, you have quite low cooldowns, no matter which of the action skills you use (35s for Phaseslam, 28s for Phasecast and 18s for Phasegrasp) and if you invest a bit into CDR, you can easily keep the anointed buffs up for anything between 75% and 100%, depending on your action skill. I’d take 75% * 300%, 90% * 250% or 100% * 100% over 100% * 50% any day :wink: Also the additional element that comes from the 50% for 2 mags anointment is not always benefitial, depending on the enemy types you are up against. I think Amara is in a pretty good spot regarding the Weapon Damage anointments.

i mean, when you are moze doing fire damage every 4 bullets…just get a vladof and rain bullets down

You still might want to collect those different types of anointments on Moze. I don’t see a big difference to Amara. You are correct that some anointments can simply be completely useless, when used with the wrong action skill, which is not the case for moze. But you will always want to have the best in slot anointment for your particular build, which will also vary for the different builds for Moze. So I don’t see a problem.

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for fade away, he either gets better accuracy(which is really good for some things, like shotguns, but not good for pinpoint jacobs guns) or a nova after fade away ends.