To the devs regarding arms race DLC

First of all it’s a fun new game mode. So thank you for the content. But I think everyone might get bored of it after awhile and once all the gear will be farmed it will be forgotten. So can you consider adding new things to it as time passes? For example let us extract anointments and elements which can be applied to our gear in sanctuary to replace the ones we don’t need or want, since farming in this game can be pretty painful with all the anointments compared to all the previous games. It kind of feels as you are farming for a 94% Sham every time. Add a vending machine which will unlock once you beat the final boss that will have only legendary gear from base game and dlcs(for the people who own it) which can only be purchased with tokens dropped from badasses in arms race, kind of like Torgue machines in BL2. If there is another level cap increase in the future you can add tokens that which can be used to level up our gear to our current level.
These are just some suggestions of what could be done to add more replayability and expand this game mode. Thank you for reading.
EDIT: Oh and one more thing! Can you decrease the amount of cryo weapons enemies can have? It’s kind of hard to and a bit annoying to race against the clock to get gear when you’re cryo’d every time you see an enemy.


Get rid of murdercane, get rid of extractors, and let us keep the loot we discover in Arms Race and also use it in the game mode. We should also be able to use the new VH skill trees in Arms Race. This is way too much like Fortnite and not at all like Borderlands. That’s your biggest problem.

Arms Race is really bad as it stands right now.

And seriously, finishing it shouldn’t give you Monocles and SuperBalls. Loot should be DLC exclusive. Freaking awful Gear Box. Just awful. Wish I could get a refund.


After watching a few live streams of Arms Race. It looks so borrring. I staying away from this new mode.


Arms race seems like a good base from which to expand, you could have alternate modes such as allowing action skills, a rogue-lite mode where you kept levelling a new character through subsequent runs of arms race and in subsequent updates add new maps for the mode to use.

The more I play it, the more I hate it. It’s easily the worst thing I’ve ever played in a game that I’ve liked in the last 15 years. Murdercane just makes Arms Race even less fun.

You get a bunch ofweak weapons and shields(once in a while you’ll get goid gear) against enemies that are superior to you- though not super hard to kill, but then while you’re in the middle of a fight to get better loot or try and get a new dlc legendary to an extractor-BECAUSE YOU CAN’T USE IT ANYTIME IN THE GAME MODE- Murdercane blows in and whipes you out. And murdercane cycles through the game every two minutes. So have fun trying to explore the map.

This is really awful. I’m truly sorry I bought this DLC.

So just for anyone wondering about Arms Race, in summary it’s a derivative version of Fortnite, but to make it even crappier, the new skill trees and loot you paid for and are excited about using CAN’T BE USED in the game mode. Smart right?


Man, not to be cruel, but we’ve been asking for GBX to add more content in a game that people paid 100 dollars, and they just ignore us.
You truly think that GBX will add more content to a 15 dollars dlc?


I feel Arms Race has a lot of missed opportunity. They Should let us us start each Arms Race at lv 1 and

A. Level up as usual with a highly sped up character progression, or

B. Give us character skills by way of drops ala Risk of Rain

either of those options would open up to a lot more variables and experimentation in each run. As it is, the mode really feels half baked.


the mode really is half baked.

Its fortnite with a borderlands twist that just doesn’t work


It’s not even a true borderlands twist cos they threw the skill trees out the window


Can someone from GearBox explain to me how I’m supposed to escape a Murdercane when I’m trapped in one of the arenas where you try to unlock a loot room behind a green wall?

You haven’t even tested this, because it’s impossible to do. This DLC should’ve been called “Designers Cut Beta” because it never should’ve been sold with so many incongruities.

This is simply terrible. WTF?


Unless some changes are made to Arms Race, the mode will be bereft of players a few weeks from now.

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It’s a fun side activity. I hope they build on it some to give it a little bit of longevity. Rogue like elements with high speed character progression sounds like some welcome additions.

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Finished one round, never gonna play it again. This mode really sucks, it`s not fun at all.


I honestly rather enjoyed arms race. The murdercade adds a welcome sense of priority to the game mode. And the start from nothing approach can hard at first but makes it so much more rewarding when you beat that final boss with only the guns you have found along the way.

In regards to the extractors and not using legendary gear. I think that is really clever. It leaves you curious as to what the legendary effect is and it makes you think which legendary you want to take. I have done four runs now and only died once. The murdercade is honestly the easiest part of the game mode. And not having your action skill can be annoying but honestly after four runs it doesn’t even bother me. I even did mission after and forgot it was a thing for a solid hour and still enjoyed my game time. After over 400 hours I still find things to do and laughs to be had. Thanks gearbox for another quality game.


i didn’t even buy it and i’m allready bored with it…


Was running through it and went into this underground arena. The murdercane came in, couldn’t see anything, couldn’t find out how to get out after I killed all the enemies.
Alt + F4’d instantly out of pure rage. Felt like a total waste of time to get juked like that after running around for ~10 minutes.

Arms Race could have been a way to reroll gear and anoints.

Imagine being locked into just your equipped gear, no backs allowed. Instead of new gear you find tokens that either offer abilities or anoints. You have to collect a certain number of tokens, and lose them all if you die/party-wipe.

The “extractors” allow you to apply some number of tokens to an equipped item, effectively replacing another stat or anoint. You can only use an extractor once per session, so you’d have an incentive to keep returning. Also certain extractors could be limited to certain types of gear, but I’m not sure that would more it more ‘fun’. The end boss might have an extractor that allows you to use it 2 or 3 times.

This would still allow for a limited play experience with potential payoff. You jump in with poorly rolled gear, hoping to get the tokens you need to make it good. Maybe each token only adds a few points to a particular stat, so you need to collect several to reach the item cap. Or maybe they just scale to your level so you need a fixed number, like 5, power the extractor.

Or you can take your best gear, except one piece. You have a better chance of surviving, but you can only really upgrade one piece. There are a lot of ways they could have introduced Arms Race. Having OP weapons as the loot, that you can’t use in the area seems like a poorly thought out idea. Never mind disabling skills and GR.

But I’ll do a few more runs to get the new gear, then probably never touch it again until the next level cap increase/item update.


Funny I had a similar idea but mines was to enter the arms race you put up weapons as collateral so If you fail your weapons are destroyed. Anyways as you go thru it enemies drop tokens and the amount they drop varies from enemy to enemy. Every 3 tokens nets you a reroll that you can do at an extractor you may choose if you want to reroll an anointment or a part or whatever. The weapons you chose as collateral can only be rerolled. Lastly Every 3 bosses you kill nets you a premium token which lets you choose what you want to what you would reroll to.


I love your idea. It really feels “game-showy”. You can put up some POS auto-sell item, with low risk and a chance to make it useful. Or you can put up your nearly perfect top-tier item, hoping to make it god-rolled, but with a lot more risk.

Though, with the ability to backup and share saves, this probably isn’t much of a risk for PC. Still I like the idea, I have a lot of meh weapons that are just an anoint or stat away from being great.

Its just a fun little thing to make it more interesting people will save edit and stuff regardless.