To the devs regarding arms race DLC

I was once told to lower my expectations…This was not specifically about Borderlands but as I read up on the season 2 pass I was thinking I should apply that same philosophy.
Seems that I couldn’t have lowered them enough.
Here’s my 2¢, Unimaginative, pointless, joyless and not at all fun!!!:dizzy_face:
I couldn’t even figure out a point to it.
Has the imagination train run out of coal?
“Who would’ve stole the coal?”
If you read this before paying your hard earned cash. Save it.
The cost is not worth the add on tree for your character. I
On a separate issue, finally the vertical split screen! While far from perfect at least it’s a start, if GB intends to fix the double overlaid screens, the fact that in my Xbox I can’t determine if my items for sale in the right side screen have been highlighted as keep or scrap , etc.


I dont think the solution is to give access to skill trees, but 100% to just base, no augment Action Skills. IB gives burst tankiness and damage, but has a super long CD without Grizzled/Topped Off. Zane and Flak has good enemy control and damage between their AS. And Amara has CC with Grasp and Cast

Ok, so Here are my thoughts on the DLC, instead of creating a whole new thread, I’m just going to wall of text here.

Skill Trees:
They’re interesting, fun, and I do appreciate new skills trees for existing Vault Hunters, over new characters.

I’ve played the story enough already, I don’t want to have to do that again, for a bit.


Arms Race
Ok, so I don’t hate the game mode. I really don’t care for just how much RNG can play in your start, at all, and I think that the first Murdercane comes entirely too early to make a concerted, non-suicide run to the outer chests, when that RNG screws you over.

But, there are some problems.

  • Not being able to use the DLC weapons in the DLC, is ridiculous. I thought that it was just until you had extracted them once, but it appears that you just CAN’T use them. Massive Fail .

  • Not being able to use ANY of the progress that I’ve made in the game over the past year, is just not fun. No Skill Tree. No Guardian Rank. No Gear.
    This is ON TOP of the fact that the DLC legendaries are gated from being used in the game mode.
    On one hand, I’m supposed to be running this content to get the new gear but the new gear LITERALLY PROVIDES NO BONUS IN THE NEW GAMEMODE

The New Anointments

  • Specific Action Skill Damage Anoints
    These are complete and utter trash. The “Action Skill Damage” anoints, that increase the damage of Action Skills, could have all been rolled into a single Anoint that buffs Action Skill Damage across all characters.
    The “While X is running” for Amara (Grasp), and Moze (Iron Cub) are not as strong as the “Action Skill Active” Anoint that is ALREADY IN THE GAME.
    The better solution, would have been to just FIX The Action Skill Active Anoint, so that you can Weapon Swap, and not lose the Anoint.
    The anoint pool was already congested enough, with anoints that were absolutely terrible, that no one used as it is. There was literally zero reason to pollute it more, with anoints that are so niche, so specific, so mind bogglingly uninspired, that I can’t even come up with a defense for how they made it into the game.

I want to Enjoy Arms Race. I do. It’s not a Game Style that I’ve played before, in a “grand” sense. I’ve never played PUBG, or Fornite, and I’ve played <20 total PvP matches in a Call of Duty Game.

I like the idea of a PvE Game Mode like this. I do. But, I’m just struggling to find the enjoyment of something that has me thinking the best way to go about playing in the game mode is to start it, wait for 10 seconds (seriously, 10? Not 5? Or 3? TEN?!), drop down, and see if the first box has gear that is good, or save quit, restart, and go again.

I don’t know. The biggest problem, is that the entirety of the DLC’s CONTENT has absolutely zero interaction with the ballpark 1,000 hours that I’ve put into the game. I hoped that it wouldn’t bother me (that everything that I have done previously had nothing to do with it), but it turns out, that it does.

At this point, I’m just going to bash my head against Arms Race until I get reasonable versions of the drops for my Main Moze, and then treat it like Guardian Takedown, and Psychokrieg.

Did it once, Won’t go back.


TBH I quite enjoyed it. Last night there were a ton of people in discord playing the arms race, it’s been a long time since I was on for about 4 hours non stop. I’ve always enjoyed the concept of BR style games, bringing it here without the PVP aspect is great. And finally I can team up with randoms without continuous spam of modded weapons. No action skills is a bit odd but honestly it doesnt bother me at all. As a zane main I finally started using grenades too, which was never the case.
The only annoying thing is the UI change where we now have to Tab out of the menu but you never know how many times to push Tab, constantly getting stuck in my backpack is a pain. But surely that’ll be fixed with the next patch.

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I’m a strict solo-player. I hate it because it’s just not fun. I regret buying the DLC and I hope GB will fix it and make it fun (not necessarily easier, but fun) for solo-players. I will not touch it again until that’s done. (played BL3, BL2 and BL1 till my fingers bled).


I think that could be my problem as well.

I’ve sworn off the matchmaking system, and most of my friends have moved on to other games. So, I’m just one guy.

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I just want a freakin’ no annointment mode, like good lord, is it too much to ask to WANT to use the new legendaries?
Just to see what they do??
Because if you get a newly added legendary with a bad annointment, I won’t even try it out.
It’s just- We got mayhem 11, so mayhem 12 no modifiers no annointments?
They’re just so annoying.

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Also nice that the frigging anointments drop even if you don’t want/own the ■■■■■■■ DLC…

For God’s sake just get rid of the ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ :expressionless:

Give us no mod mayhem and remove ■■■■■■■ anointments!


Arms Race: drop in, head to the nearest loot room, get a tediore, head to the boss, marvel at how unrewarding killing him is.

It is shockingly badly thought out. Feels exactly the same whichever character you play.

Did the devs have a holiday and let the apprentices make it?

I won’t be buying it. Not a fan of roguelikes or battle royales. Believe it or not, GBX, I play borderlands because I like borderlands!

On top of that, after teasing about new skill trees the entire life of the game, they finally bring them, and package them with a crap game mode that we have to buy in order to get the skills and (drumroll please)… we CAN’T BLOODY USE THEM in the new mode.

Give me the skill trees in a bundle for 5 bucks and I’ll think about it. As it is, I was getting bored anyway. I probably won’t return until DLC5, IF it’s actually any good.

I am split on arms race. I enjoy the idea of it but I really feel like it’s gruelling and almost unrewarding.
One thing I really HATE is that the new class mods ONLY drop in arms race. I’ve played it pretty solid for about
A week now and all the class mods I have dropped Not extracted but dropped is three 1 kensi, 1 flare and 1 of Fl4k (iforgot its name now) are they supposed to be so difficult to find?? I play on PlayStation are the drops broken??
I dunno I feel like I paid for arms race and can’t get any benefit for it! :man_shrugging:t4:

Someone else in another topic said a very on spot sentence: arms race is not bad, FARMING arms race is.
After having extracted 90% of the items you want, playing for that 10% you know will take 10000 years to drop is not funny at all.
For instance I would like a Spy com with decent rolls but every time I think at how rare it would be I don’t feel like playing the mode any more. Also because after such a long farm I would be burnt out and sick of the game, it has happened before. Much better to farm for a mediocre Seeing Dead and call it a day. After all it’s not like we need perfect rolls…

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Are you on PS4? I can help with a great spy com…

I love this idea. It’d be a huge “thank you for sticking with us” and would definitely extend the life of the mode for many people.

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