To those that have all max VHs: What do YOU use them for?

My post was a bit inspired by the other thread that talks about how most people only ever play one character. It boggles my mind how that is even possible because in all games I’ll try and max out each character. Even back in my Battleborn days I would rank up each person (and that cast was huge!) so only specializing in one confuses me. I have all 4 VHs at max level with good-to-great gear for all of them. I won’t be speedrunning M4 but I can hang with others.

So I guess I’m just curious on what others that have all VHs max level are doing with those characters? I’ve read that many level them all up but then just play 1 still so I guess kinda defeating the purpose of having them all. Some people level them all up and play ‘flavor of the week’ style for whichever VH is strongest at the moment. I definitely have a “main character” I play the most but still play them all depending on my mood.

Flak) He is my boss farm guy. If I need to farm a boss with a specific build I usually use him. He is also my AFK guy. If I’m eating dinner and just want to do some light killing I’ll do a Pet Gamma Burst Build and just stand in a corner and let him kill everything.

Amara) She is my Trials or Slaughter girl. Her move that chains everybody is amazing CC and I can kill them all at once so she’s the easiest to do those over and over.

Zane) Going to be honest I don’t really use him for anything other than trying out guns/cool builds. I still keep mixing/matching with him and can never find my optimal setup so he is my test VH in that I test all stuff on him.

Moze) My Main. Do all story stuff and all content on her first so I can get a feel for what is to come. So for example I would fight Troy first on Moze and get good at the fight then when I go on another VH I won’t have such a hard time. And playing Moze keeps me in a pretty chill mood so I can just enjoy playing the game and not panic about dying like I would on other VHs.


I like variety. The four Vault Hunters play differently from each other. Also, different builds can change the play style for a Vault Hunter as well.


I have all 4 maxed out. I tried all of them and finding the sweet spot on what each of my VHs should be. I can’t use all of them equally and prefer to use one more than the other 3 but once I worn out the fun I switch to another VH I’m interested in.

It kinda hard for me to have fun to begin with to be honest

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I think the choice for what character you play depends what you’re into. I like explosions, guns and grenades. Piloting a mech is epic. So I roll with Moze. Her variety of builds leaves a lot to the imagination. I’ve spent more time trying out guns and builds with her than any other VH. Because I’ve spent the most time with her, I understand her skill trees more than the other three. I also don’t want to try and re collect all the achievements, skins, etc for all the other characters. Not sharing them on an account is laughable.

Fl4k looks fun, but I don’t like all the dependency on controlling your pet.

Zane is fun for a while, then his playability drops off for me. He would be great for speed running?

Amara is boring. Just phasegrasp and shoot.

I know these characters have more depth than I’m giving them credit for. For some reason I always go back to Moze. Also, with level increases, farming for gear for 4 different characters doesn’t look fun. So I’m not going to do it.

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Playing side missions and DLC, exploring and re-running areas (which is where I get loads of my fun), finding and trying new gear, and occasionally farming (which I find NO FUN and HATE doing, so avoid as much as I can) for specific items I want to try. Also, trying new builds with my characters.
Given the vast number of different items and that I can keep leveling up my guardian rank (for now), it still feels like playing the game, rather than a boring grind of the same thing over and over.
I can also switch to some multiplayer activities, like takedowns, COS and PG, as I haven’t bothered much with co-op since I much prefer solo.

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Im a hardened Amara main. I leveled up a moze to 50 before the cap, and tried her on M4… And… didn’t do so good! But, after seeing what my friend could do with Zane before the seein dead…I put the time in and he is my (2nd) main! Lol. Although im using the seein dead… IT’S SO MUCH FUN!! I have 700 hours with my siren and in barely approaching 70 with Zane! :smiley:

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I main Fl4k, so it’s the VH I play the most. I really enjoy his gameplay. Right now I’m doing the 100% of the game, since I never bothered because of the farming.
I use Zane or Amara when I want to AFK farm MT or SS.
With Moze I never did TVHM due to the unskippable cutscenes, but since the last patch I started the playthrough with a BM SoR Lyuda build and it’s really fun.
So, it depends what I want to do when I open the game.

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I use Amara for most farming and Slaughter stuff as she is my strongest and allows for quick turnaround.

FL4K is my favorite and I use him 1st for everything story - DLC related.

I play Zane just to have some fun, and certain farming activities.

Moze, I just keep her levelled up. She is set up for max time in IB, and does ok but just not quite as fun.


I have three max level Moze, two max level Fl4k, two max Amara and a third around 30, and one Zane.

I just play whichever one I feel like. Though I apparently gravitate towards Moze.

I would enjoy Zane a tiny bit more if his Barrier deployed personally by default, if Duct Tape Mod worked with the Infinity, or if the Infiltrator class mod gave enough of a bonus that I felt I could use it in lieu of Seein’ Dead. It also might help if I could get the Infinity pistols I wanted, but the only time farming has been remotely lucrative was during the farming frenzy event and even during that period none of the Infinity pistols I got were any of the elements I wanted.

Amara disappoints every time I play her. Her phasecasts are too easy to whiff, and her phaseslam isn’t slammy enough. Her phasegrasp is alright, but too many skills in the tree seem at odds particularly for what I wanted to do.

I thought Fl4k would be my main, because I usually like pet characters, but it just hasn’t turned out that way.


I have maxed out all characters.

Moze : deathless bloodletter.
Amara : basic cc phasegrasp
Zane: cryo drone and barrier

All the above have perfect gear with ideal annointments.

Fl4k… not so much. Still plenty good though but not optimized for M4 like the other 3.

My main has always been Moze. I enjoy her ammo regen and love IB. Love the constant explosions.

However my zane is better. Zane is easy mode. His 100% cryo damage while sentinel is active is unfair. His 99% impenetrable barrier is unfair. His ability to keep his action skills up 100% of the time is unfair . His ability to constantly freeze enemies is unfair .

Yet Moze having infinite grenades and reliable healing was too OP and had to be nerfed into the ground ?

So yeah… even with 45k shields, keeping her alive is hard. MoD is not reliable to refill grenades and grenades are the only way to heal or fill her shields.

But… somehow she’s more fun.

Amara is somewhere in the middle. Her phasegrasp and ties that bind is basically a win button.


My 4 max VHs:

Moze - My main and also the VH who I have the most experience with. She can destroy any content quickly: slaughter, cistern, proving grounds, bosses. Her biggest challenge is survivability in Takedown unless I resort to glitches. Her second challenge is movement speed if you compare her to Zane and Amara. Her biggest strength is firepower.

Here’s a vid of her in Fervor M4. No com and no relic challenge btw:

Zane - 2nd VH that I got maxed. He easily beats Takedown even with 4 players playing around. It’s ridiculous that I spend little effort with him in TD unlike with Moze where I really have to be careful. His biggest weakness are ammo. He eats ammo as if there’s no tomorrow.

Flak - 3rd VH I maxed. I really have no special use for him other than I had the time to max him. I am running a gamma burst build with him. His pet isn’t bad (if we compare to an immobile autobear). His biggest strength are the crits. Wedding Invitation is easy gun for him. He also has some decent ammo regen. I like his pet taunt as it lessens the enemy aggression on you. His biggest weakness is I don’t know yet. I focus on Moze mostly.

Amara - 4th VH. Man, she has speed. If you are used with Moze’s turtle like speed, Amara is like night and day. You could easily escape trouble just by running around. Her fake grasp cooldown is something that Moze players can only dream of. Recursion is strong with this VH. I don’t know yet her biggest weakness for me. I focus on Moze mainly. I built Amara for trolling random matches online btw.


I have 3 of the 4 maxed. My plan for them vs what I actually use them for has completely changed. FL4K was my first, then I made a Zane and found him fun for mobbing, so decided to use FL4K for bosses and Zane for mobbing. Then I went an Amara, and her insane power level had me using her the most, mostly for Maliwan Takedown. But now I changed my Zane build from a niche, weak radiation one that struggled on M2 to something that actually works, I find I just want to use him for everything.

I’ve tried with Moze a few times but I just don’t feel it. To me a lot of the fun of borderlands is the action skills, and moze feels like a huge cooldown period for not very much time in IB. I’m sure the ratio probably gets better later in the game, but not being able to use action skill much of the time is putting me off getting there


There seems to be a general angst on this forum about what other people do and why they may do things differently from us :sweat_smile: Anyway I don’t particularly use my different VH for anything special, it’s for variety and to experience the most of what the game has to offer. It is enjoyable and make the loot more valuable because if I can’t use something with one character I may use it with another one.

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I have all the characters maxed and I do nothing with them!

Endgame isn’t for me. It’s striving for the next skill point and higher level gear that gets my endorphins flowing :smiley: So once I run out of levels, my run ends.

My pleasure from Borderlands games has always been to start a new character and see how it develops this time. This is particularly true in BL3, which allows such diverse builds within each character type. As well as my maxed characters, I have a Fade Away FL4K in a x4 co-op game, a Gamma Burst FL4K in a x3 co-op game and I’ve just started another Zane in single player. I’m not sure how he’ s going to turn out yet :slightly_smiling_face:

The downside is that BL3 reaches endgame much more quickly than any of its predecessors and so my characters run out of steam much faster :frowning_face:



I don’t hate farming but it’s certainly not the most entertaining part. Beside if we keep getting small occasional cap upgrade it’s a lot of wasted effort.
I don’t mind mini boss too much if it can be done quick.
I like trying out new toys I find. Purple or mission items too. Playing all VH you don’t miss on good anointment.

I played some characters on my mule accounts and loved leveling different builds. That is something I might do in the future.

Zane (Clone/Drone) is my main from day one. Just finished the TVHM story with it.
I use the Siren (Slam/Face-Puncher) for bossing and FL4K (Rakk) for softer boss and whatnot.
Moze is dedicated to mission(!) item farming. I like piloting Iron Bear. She’s my “party time”. I struggled with her at first but doing good now.

I tend to stick to MM2 so I don’t need a super build with the top gear. It open up the game and I think that’s what Gearbox aim to.

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I actually have my Fl4k and Zane set up in different areas for bosses. Zane is my TD go to and EZ mode if I had too many drinks. Fl4k is my all rounder, but mostly play with him solo and my Zane in multiplayer.

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I have 3 of the 4 maxed.

Currently: She holds the “It’s Poop” that my friends send me. To be honest? I don’t use Moze. She was my first to 50, but I

  • I don’t like Mech Spam for anoints.
  • I don’t like being stuck using Vanquisher Rocket Pods if I want to sort of / kind of do damage in M4.
  • I don’t like that so much of the bonus damage she gets in her trees is useless against the raid / DLC / bosses with shields
  • I don’t like that your choices feel like: 1 HP / Low HP with a TON of shields, and little to no healing , OR BREAK THAT GRENADE BUTTON TO STAY ALIVE

He is my main man. I didn’t think this would be the case. When the game was getting previewed everywhere I wanted to Main Moze. But, as I covered above, that’s not in the cards, so I Clone & Drone w/ Zane, and do all the content on M4.

My newest capped VH. I plan on using him mainly for boss farming. Fade Away + Bangstick + Unforgiven = a lot of bosses dead very fast. I doubt I’ll ever run takedown with him, because after watching him on Streams, He feels as squishy as Moze in there.

I’ve played Borderlands since the beginning, and I have yet to derive enjoyment from playing a Siren in any of the games. Amara doesn’t look like she’d be any different, so I have her at Level 4, done with rescuing Vaughn. She’ll probably end up on Sanctuary, and I’ll use her to hold the Poop when I run out of Room on Moze.


I started at launch with a Fl4k, 2 month later I leveled up Amara, and immediately after hitting 50 I started a Zane (around the release of the Handsome Jackpot). Right now my Fl4k and Zane are 53 and my amara is 51.

I mainly use Zane for M4 multiplayer content like the Shafts or the Takedown. The most fun I have with this toon is the Takedown bridge. That’s where this build (redistribuzane ofc) shines.
I just geared up my Fl4k with a stagecoach build (I’m still looking for a one-shotter shield on PS4, if you have one : PouleGeanteClem) and I guess from now on he’ll be my main character for replaying/exploring maps and farming bosses with big crit spots. The pinpoint-shotgun gameplay was the most fun I had with BL2, and I’m glad it’s back on BL3.

I used to play Amara for farming at lvl 50 before the levelcap increased, but I didn’t really took the time to play her as my Fl4k and Zane are my favourites. I will probably make this character melee-oriented.

I think I’ll build another Fl4k for a sniping build sometime, maybe when I’ll have a regular coop-buddy to play with.

I’m not really interested in Moze, I tried till lvl8 but it did not felt as powerfull as the other VH, so I guess no Moze for the time being.

TL DR : Zane for multiplayer M4, Fl4k for soloplayer M4, Amara when i’m bored of the other two and want to goof around with a melee build.


I’ve always only max’d out one, in this case FL4K. I do everything with my main and then go in and start with the others. I’ve got all of them started and through the latest event to get the Wedding Invitation (funny now that we know the name of the new DLC)!!! I’m working on Amara now to get her to 53 (37 right now) and to try her in the raid. I can’t beat Wotan with FL4K, sorry, but I guess my gamma burst build isn’t optimal.

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2 of 4 maxed. Amara and Zane. Have tried the other two, and their skills don’t suit me.

I keep 'em around and play them sometimes. Obviously, the first reason is to have someone ready to dive into a new DLC at max level when one comes out.
The other is to sometimes farm. Not often, I’m not an anointment chaser since I don’t do M4 (too tedious for me) so it’s just the occasional trip to the Slaughter Shaft to get interesting things or collect gear for a lower level character to sell.
I also do playthorugh resets and replays with them for fun.
I’m more like Greybeard in my playing, I start lots of characters and work them through N and T VHM for the fun of leveling, trying new approaches to different fights, and doing self-challenge stuff (allegiance, 1life, etc.) My 163 Sirens in BL2 (across 3 platforms) is a testament to that.