To those that successfully save transfer your characters on the ps5

How do you do it without overwriting your previous chararcters? Can someoneone give me a step by step? Maybe its something wrong with my cloud saves or my settings? I ask reddit and discord for help but I being completely ignored for 2 days now.

The patch was supossed to solve this and I follow the instructions to the letter but I cant tranfer my other 3 characters. Any advice would be great.

Make a PS5 character. Leave character on startup screen.
Go to PS4. Pick one character. Upload save.
Go to PS5. Make sure the character you just made is showing. Download save.
Switch back to PS5 character you made earlier.
Rinse repeat.

It seems to only overwrite the character if you don’t switch back to a PS5 character first before getting a new one transferred.

I wouldn’t bother playing any of the transferred PS4 characters though. They can’t work towards trophies. The guardian ranks work but are reset to 1. So kinda pointless until they fix it completely.