To those with other moba experience, a question seeking clarification

Battleborn is my first run at a moba. For those of you seasoned moba players on this forum, i have a few questions regarding competitive play in those other games. Mainly this desire comes from wanting to set up some private matches and look for some like minded people to play some incursion games against in a competitive setting, under competitive terms other than the current pubs.

-how to bans work?
-how do drafts work?
-is there some sort of protect option?
-do any of them have non normalized, character specific gear with extremely unique perks. Not so much like elite and below gear that just gives basic stat boosts and have a cost which scales, but gear that gives perks otherwise not in the game. ie- not competitive

BB is a unique animal, so the exact methods used in other MOBAs might not translate perfectly.

Bans are issued first. Each team picks one character to “ban,” and neither team can pick that character. LoL let’s teams alternate back and forth until they ban 3 each (6 total). You’ll generally want to ban any OP characters, or someone you know the other team plays well.

The only real protection from Bans is that when you ban a character, it affects both teams, so you probably don’t want to ban a character you’re really good with.

Drafting goes 1-2-2-2-2-1 (first team picks 1, second team picks 2, first teams picks 2, etc) These should be announced so that you can strategize. BB obviously doesn’t show the other teams picks, so you’re kinda on the honor system here.

I’ve never played a game with this loot system before, so you could make a rule for your tourney. No personal/lore legendaries, or maybe ONLY personal/lore legendaries. You could specific gear (Alamo), or limit to one legendary per character… Or whatever you want. Or nothing at all, let it ride.

Really though, it’s up to you, and the people in your games. Pick a system that works for you. Maybe you’ll set a trend.

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I almost forgot the most important part : pick colors.

You need to coordinate which team is getting which color, so you can match, but NOT match the other team.

Very important.

gottcha. this was the part i was most confused about. i wasnt sure if bans were shared, or if the other team got to ban just who they wanted banned, etc. That ban system actually doesnt make much sense. i would way prefer if it were a matter of each team strategically banning who they dont want to deal with, while the other team may have a different bane of their existence.

as far as gear goes, without question i would only allow epic gear at most. there is no amount of convincing that would make me think legendary gear is ok.

i would also make a universal, ongoing rule that if at any time a character is awaiting a patch in the next update, that character is automatically banned from both teams