To what level of crazy is this by the devs

So the devs hot fix somethings however when your playing off line all your fixes are removed and weapons and classes back to OP mode. so what is happening is they are forcing people to do the online / offline glitch or grind offline. offline gives you all legendary, all OP classes, all not nerfed guns and 7x more xp.
if your going to actually attempt to fix something dont do half a job , do a proper update. I never thought I’d quote these words but actually " do what destiny does as they do it better" wow there I said it.

offline doesn’t give you all legendarys especially no class mods and I hope they don’t do what destiny does because I played Destiny 2 for a long time and the devs are total jerks.


yes it does lol what you talking about , it gives you everything in game but double or triple the amount

No it does not. It’s confirmed mutliple times and I also tested it myself. You don’t know what you are talking. Get your facts right.


You won’t get legendary coms offline. As for the other things, it’s called hotfix for a reason. None of those changes are permanent atm, not until a patch comes out anyway.

Uhm , your information is really wrong.The one and only benefit to playing offline that has some impact now is loot midget farming.Other than that you are actually missing out on stuff.

Respectfully that is incorrect, there’s way more than 1 benefit to farming offline, I’m getting 7x more xp, the loot Tinks are guaranteed every time you show up, and the quality of their drops guarantees me Legendaries every single time without fail, my Porcelin Pipe Bomb hasn’t been patched yet, because I’m offline, so it does insane amounts of damage, Graveward is NOT buffed while offline and he drops fantastic amounts of Legendaries for me, ALL my Jakobs pistols havent been nerfed to buggery so they are working how I like them, all my Torque shotguns haven’t been nerfed to buggery so FOR ME they are still working as intended offline, also the Loot drops and quality of loot is way better offline. …so yeah I would say there’s heaps of reasons for me to stay offline PERMANENTLY


exactly my point , these cats commenting above saying different dont even know what day it is.

there is littery no reason to play online , this is gear boxes nail in there own box. an online multiplayer game that encourages you to never play online .

I mean it’s so daft , I’ve never known a company to do that . it’s a shame as borderlands is a solid game like 170hrs I’ve put into it.

they need to really do something

Thats very disrespectful , I already have 3xx guardian ranks and 3 chars on 50 with top gear and builds that have nothing to upgrade but a couple of missing annointed.So yah I never saw playing offline a huge benefit.If people have their problems and they are so absurdly game changing they should reconsider switching the game because this is just the beginning

Why not?

The game was released with an issue with Leggy Coms dropping. Can’t get em offline…which sucks for me because I won’t be online til next weekend. I guess I get the pre-hotfix mayhem bonuses though(if I ever buckle down and find more time to play).

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On PC you get legendary COMs offline. I got a heap in more than one place, of course I don’t just farm the more popular offline places (the loot tink, chupacabrach, etc).

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They speak the truth. I have farmed in both and never got a legendary mod to drop unless I was online.

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@ “No reason to play online” and so on:

Borderlands 2 was hardly “locked down” in terms of loot. On PC especially there were tools that allowed you to mod your save files and get absolutely anything you wanted at any time. It’s not like people just stopped playing, or even buying the game, because of it.

Let’s not let this get out of hand though! This isn’t a game-breaking issue by any means. If you think the game is broken when playing offline then don’t do it, all it takes is a little self control. If you’re worried about having people to play online with, don’t. The people sitting in offline mode would probably only be playing solo anyway.

Let’s also not forget the positives this brings. Fast loot drops up front populate farming guides incredibly quickly so has a beneficial side for a huge number of players even if they don’t want to take advantage of offline mode. It’s also keeping YouTubers well-stocked with legendaries etc to make videos about keeping a high-profile online presence in social media to boost sales.

Whether it ‘needs to be fixed’ or not, the sky isn’t falling. There’s zero need for any worry.

Don’t know for sure. It could be a bug.

Not a huge deal.

Go online to farm mods. I also have NOT gotten any legendary mods to drop offline.

Whether it was intended or not doesnt matter at this point.

If you want them, you gotta play online

I’m fairly sure there will be a consolidating patch to follow that includes previous hotfixes.

If this was Destiny, the weapon nerfs would have made entire weapon types useless. If a weapon type is struggling there, they would nerf all other weapons to bring them down, not buff the one that needed help.

No, nothing here needs to be done like Destiny…


These types of comments are exactly what the Gearbox mods are talking about, stop with the insults already!!!

Just on the legendary mods not dropping offline thing. I have been farming offline for 15-20 hours and have no seen one drop yet. I have downloaded the September 27th hotfix/patch but it hasn’t technically been applied yet(Zane’s skill tree remains the same as day 1) and it does seem like they put a stop to them dropping offline. I have noticed the same with grenades pretty much being a non existent drop as well. I’m not saying they won’t and can’t drop offline I have just noticed a consistent drop level of only guns, shields and relics dropping from every boss/enemy I have fought with legendary class mods and grenades being non existent.

Bosses farmed have been traunt(both versions), graveward, loot ticks, Chupa, gremlin, katagawa jr/ball…all the popular ones.