To whoever stuck it out with me in the 2v5

Thank you. I had a blast with you kicking their ass, even if they did win

For all else, 3 of our team DC in the first 3 minutes. Still managed to get 240-500 in meltdown.


High five! :bldancing:

Nice work! That’s a tough road to go!

Nice work! Look em up in the match history and give them a proper shoutout.

You’re more noble than I. Tho I usually hang for at least a retreat, if it’s 5-1 in Incursion, uh… yeah. I’m out.

Big ups to it though. You played well. Like a true badass.

I did the same a while back in incursion before the Shepards were patched. Me (Miko) and Thorn held the enemy until 3 minutes. It was a glorious fight.

Have pretty similar game at Open Beta, but it was 2v4 Incursion

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Nice job!!!