Toad/Frog Humanoid Support Character Design

I had an idea for a Toad/Frog humanoid character that was a support character, that didn’t necessarily alter health or shields.

The idea is for this character to have a Hypo Needle Gun hooked up to his Paratoid Gland(Poison sac).

He can fire in two modes. One mode will badly poison enemies, and stack. This poison does high amounts of damage, but may have positive effects on the enemy as well, such as increasing it’s movement speed slightly.

His second mode of fire applies a filter to his Toxin which filters out the negative compounds which cause damage, and amplifies the benefits of it when used on allies. (This is a take on Bufotoxin medicine which is used in china for vitality and virility.) These toxins can cause you to hallucinate as well. They are used to treat cancer also!(There may be a mutation helix talent that allows it to regen health some. Also we can have a mutation that causes you to see things in the game that aren’t really there, such as enemies shooting at you.)

Other elements of this character is that it can jump higher and further than other characters. While sprinting it can jump to cover large distances, and standing still you get a high jump.

There is so much that can be done with this. Who thinks a Toad character that shoots his own poison in a hypo is a cool idea? :slight_smile:

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Might want to post it in the create your own battleborn thread in the fan creation section. (cool idea though)

Would it have a lilypad ult?
A tongue grab skill that brings you to the target dash kick styles and lets you bounce off?
It would be cool if the faster someone moves while poisoned the more intense the effects of the poison would be.
I could see a charged jump that can be preloaded mid jump.

I totally missed that. New to these forums. My bad!
Has it been transferred? I saw it listed in the creation section…

Additionally. I envision this character to be male with a deep croaking voice. I could potentially see him constantly smoking a cigar.

Melee attack is a tongue STAB not grab. He has a knife down his throat perhaps. I think his persona and profile really fits.

Perhaps he can use his toxin converting machine attached to his poison sacs to fill grenades with poison smoke as well.
Some toad toxin is secreted almost like a glue, it’s very sticky. Perhaps the grenade creates a sticky pool instead of doing damage.

His ultimate is the only place I am stumped. He’s using gadgets to amplify his natural toad abilities. Things that stand out are jumping, poison glands, long sticky tongue, and the ability to inflate itself.

Perhaps for his ult, he inflates himself, and the special suit he’s wearing ejects poison needles in all directions, buffing allies in a radius and damaging enemies.

I do not see this character being Eldrid actually. He may be LLC. Very high technology, greedy, cuban smoking.
I haven’t put much thought into an accent. But there is definitely a strong accent.

I would love to hear a heavy south african accent, perhaps an asian accent? (Asian toads are the species most of the medicines are procured from). I think it’s important he has a low voice and strong accent of some kind.

Names, I’m thinking either Gloo, or Glom.

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