Tobi and Phoebe

I have to start a topic about those to battleborn because I would like to read what you think about this:

First of Tobi is way to easy he just destroys every melee in 1on1 situations while he is a range high dmg class…

There is just no way you can chase him down using rath for example since he just has to use his stun and fire 3 times at you…

Playing Phoebe I mentioned her “Class Item” is way to strong and makes her way overpowerd.

It stags up 5% dmg to all surces using the right click attack.
You could end up doing about 800 dmg using right klick maybe more who knows there is no indicator on how often the stag is possible and how long it does last …

Another thing I want to share with you is some helix skills are broken that one that does up the dmg of every right klick attack (true strike) after doing some lmb does also power up the other helix skill wich gives you an aoe attack following the right klick wich is not intended to get boosted dmg at all… as you use that combination you are able to burst down every champ in about 2 secounds maybe 3 if its a tank.

What do you think ?

Tobi and Phoebe OP? No.


Right now, my standard response cycle is:

Oh, is this thing OP?
Let me play with it some and see if it’s OP.

After playing with them up through a full Mutation tree, I feel more comfortable stating that they either are or aren’t OP.

Reading between the lines in a multitude of posts, I can unequivocally state that inability to close a gap with Rath is not grounds to call another character OP, yet that seems to be a universal measuring bar that keeps getting tossed about.
Rath has a very small HP pool for an attacker.
Keep that in mind as you judge how to close with him.


Comparing rath and Tobi is possibly the worst two to compare, Tobi is a really good counter for Rath. Tobi’s character is one that prevents flanks on your team. Rath is a character that relies on flanking to be effective. Tobi also has low health and is a huge target, but he is pretty effective against melee characters. If ranged characters attack him they normally don’t have trouble dodging his shots and hitting him.
Phoebe’s class item isn’t really that great, the bonus damage only lasts for the very next hit or 5 seconds after the last true strike. Also I think it only stacks up to 5 times, I saw another post where someone had tested the item and that was the highest they could achieve. Even so, True strike after true strike is a very slow way for Phoebe to fight, it is always better to use your combo and true strike together.

You mean a sniper can kill a melee from far away? shocking.

If Rath can get next to Toby without him noticing/noticing too late. Toby is a goner. Knockup -> Dead

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Yea… umm… not true.

Even if Toby gets silenced, he can use his booster to evade Dreadwind and Rath altogether. If Rath has the mutation that allows his Dreadwind to travel faster, it won’t have the power to kill Toby fast enough before silence wears off and gets stunned by Arc Mine.

Oh look another thread claiming a character (Toby), is OP, when the character is in more of a need of a buff than a nerf.


Does phoebe gear damage even stack? I mean i use it and well i couldnt see my damage going up at all.
Also the 150 percent damage in increase with true strick that one? Is less dps then 18 percent on her primany melee attack so no not broken.
If 150 percent damage stacks with her aoe spins then yeah that is broken and is probably unintention.k

Her legendary only buffs the next attack after each true strike, which means to stack more than 5% you will need to do true strike after true strike. And it only stacks about 5 times. That makes it one of the less useful lore legendaries .

And regarding toby: he needs a buff…not a nerf. His ult is pretty bad imo.

Yea that’s what I am talking about he seem to have just the better tools and you could not outplay it ano matter what you try even hes out of position and alone in a 1v1 on rath he winns with ez … maybe by using the stun rath could do it haven’t tried that

Are you shure about that because it says “every dmg” and im running it with attack speed and some health items the enemy team melts like butter …

almost every game I played with Phoebe using that true strike combo 20+ kills 5 dead maybe and a bunch of assists
anyhow it is not ment to work like that… --> the first buff in helix for true strike 150% dmg appears to work on another helix choice wich gives you and aoe attack right after true strike + the extra dmg from that legandary.

Rath could do his utlimate on me and I’d just stand there doing more dmg with that combo and won several times (without him having points in the last helix choice to buff his ult I belive)

It only stag up 5 times for 5 secounds well it does +5% dmg every time 5x5=25% dmg boost and you tell me it’s not effective ?

Again the Item tooltip says on every dmg and I belive it’s true since I just ran over other battleborn using that Item like they have no hp at all.

With his boosters, you can escape melee with ease; in Rath’s case, if you are at full health when he hits you with his pop-up, and DOESN’T have a lot of melee attack gear activated (or his lvl. 7 melee damage helix). Plus, it’s really Toby’s arc mines that players find… shocking.

No, much testing has been done on this item it only stacks 5 times if all you do is true strike, true strike, true strike, true strike, true strike. Then if you attack again the damage bonus goes away. Unless you perform testing like has been done before and provide proof to what has been established not what the item says (Many items say something obscure and do not work how you would think they would.) Phoebe’s item isn’t nearly as strong as other equipment. Her equipment how most people use Phoebe only increases the first attack in the combo by 5% then they have to finish the combo and hit with trustrike to get the 5% damage boost again, but they don’t stack this way. So effectively her legendary gear only gives a 5% damage boost in 1 out of 6 hits, so no its not the most effective piece of equipment for phoebe to use.


You ran over them because phoebes melee combo is very strong in itself when you choose the 150% bonus damage+ reprise/blade sweep and not because of the legendary.

Jokerking has pretty much said it all.

Toby needs a buff not a Nerf. I’ve been attempting to play with Toby for awhile and I’m just now starting to figure him out…not exactly what I would call op. Just because your good with a character or get wrecked by one doesn’t mean that character is op.

I’m really good with Reyna does that mean she’s op? No, although I have seriously annoyed some enemy players with her lol

You’re talking about Crosscut at level 3 and Blade Sweep at level 5, can you prove this to be unintentional?

Phoebe’s legendary is kind of useless… the 5% stacking has a cap though there is no indicator for it… ppl have tested it in private games and it doesn’t go beyond 100%… And in order for it to stack you have to use true strike consecutively… one true strike and then an auto attack means your stacking will reset… this might be effective in killing thralls quickly by spamming true strike alone but when you are up against other battleborns you won’t be standing alive till you stack the gear to even 25%…

So using the multiple hits from blade sweep doesn’t make it stack?

“True Strike chains a second attack after the dodge that hits all targets in close range”

So you get 2x true strike hits + multi hit true strike on the end. It was my assumption that using this combo you could get something like 3-6 stacks from a single true strike which would add up to 30% damage on the first hit of your next melee string, and with attack speed buffs you’ll get the boost frequently.

I take it this is not the case then?

At level 5 there is another helix choice wich provides +40% dmg to True Strike but has no aoe attack.

As I compared this one to Blade Sweep it seemed to do less dmg, that’s what made me assume Blade Sweep does profit from Crosscut while the other choice does not.

Another thought on this is that the combination Blade Sweep and Crosscut does insane ammount of dmg. 500 dmg using Crosscut seems to be a bit over the top since most other battleborn need to use their ult to do something like that…
this + Phoebes Ultimate makes her kind of unbeatable as she phases in you have to run or die.