Tobi's lv 3 left helix

The ability to see enemy units sounds cool, but the highlight on it is set so low its barly noticable for me, so i always end up choosing 240 sheild over it. It would be more effectife if it just turned the ememies a brighter shade of red, or just put a red dot on them like they do with isacs ult.

well realistically that skill is only for cloaked players so you can see them.
I personally never see a reason do use that helix, its infinitely better to get the +240 shield, Toby is a bulky sniper so that extra health is good for him.

The only time i can see it being usful is if there is a really annoying stealth character.

Like the one who snek too good?

This is the reason i made this post. The only time i even consider going to the left is if i see the enemy team has OM and/or deande, and even then i usually go sheilds becouse they are always useful.

He’s snek is so good Toby helix to see cloaked characters doesnt work. Nerf him. Haha. Nerf snek.

yeah this choice is a no brainer, pretty much even IF there are guys who can stealth. They would have to run within view of that shield. Not only that, the shield is pretty much toast seconds after it’s put up because it gets blasted.

Not to forget, that you can actually still see stealthed enemies as there is a slight distortion around them. A shield is a real advantage, while the left helix is an unnecessary crutch.