Toby and Gearbox's Decision Making

Let me start with this: I am all for console exclusives. I totally understand Sony paying big bucks to lock up a character that only PS4 people get to use.

HOWEVER, I think that Gearbox just set a very crappy precedent. Apparently they didn’t have time to make sure that the XBOne and PC builds properly displayed Toby in his unlockable state. This tells me that the decision to make it exclusive to PS4 during beta was made too close to the beta release for Gearbox to properly handle the exclusion.

This tells me that Gearbox is willing to treat a portion of their users as second-class citizens if the money is right.

To clarify, I don’t have an issue with the exclusive nature of Toby during the beta. I have an issue with the decision that Gearbox made to roll out a build that left Toby in its deceiving state. I only found out that I couldn’t use him after I finished winning 5 games with characters that I didn’t particularly enjoy. It went: play numerous games until I get 5 rogue wins, check out the toby screen in the Command section, queue up for my next game, discover that Toby is still locked, google “Toby Beta Bugged”, discover the PS4 exclusive.

Gearbox: you knowingly put out a broken build in exchange for some Sony cash. Can you understand how that is a terrible UI experience? I have a limited amount of time to play this game during the beta, so I devoted a chunk of it to unlocking and trying out Toby only to find out that my quest was in vain. How am I to know that you won’t do the same thing in the future? Some new character will come out, I’ll unlock it, then find out that I have to wait a week until it’s ACTUALLY unlocked for my platform? You’ll release a new chapter of the story, I’ll do everything I need to do to unlock it - maybe even get an achievement saying that I’ve got it unlocked, only to hit a bugged looking state where it is unlocked but not accessible?

I don’t want to pay top dollar for a game whose developer is willing to do that. If you didn’t have time to fix the UI on the profile, you could have included an announcement along with the Pre-order, balance changes, and digital deluxe announcements on the home screen - surely THAT is something easy to do? As it is, I (and others judging by the Toby threads here) were given a ■■■■■■ first impression that only occurred because of your willingness to accept a last minute deal with Sony. If this is the kind of decision making that Gearbox is going to engage in with Battleborn, then I’ll be taking my money elsewhere. I love playing the game, but it’s decisions like this that paint a picture of a broken production team and thus a short-lived brand.

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The full game won’t have exclusives and Sony’s money makes the game less of a risk for 2K. Everything is fine, calm down.

You know, I understand you guys frustration, but this is kind of silly. GBX let people know this in many ways. They had it on the beta announcement (news section on their site), the forums, twitter, facebook. They put it out there, it wasn’t even close to a secret.

You are a consumer, it is your job to be informed about product you are interested in. How did you hear about the beta? After hearing about it why didn’t you check for full info on it?

Please quit assuming gbx is doing this to personally hurt you, and live with it. The deal they made with sony alliveated funding to help improve the game for everyobe, and only effects an open beta. A beta, which means it doesn’t have to have all content available. Be happy they gave you the 24 other characters, enjoy getting used to the game, and make a decision on the games actual merit. Not some percieved personal slight.

Also have a good day :blush:

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I saw the beta message when I logged into Steam, downloaded the game, and went from there. There was no mention of Toby’s exclusiveness in any of that. It isn’t my job to craft the first impression for my Battleborn experience, it was supposed to be Gearbox’s! And they told me exactly how they are going to treat this brand.

I’m not taking any of this personally. They intentionally created a broken ui experience for pc/xbone in exchange for sony cash. If they had locked Toby out entirely, I wouldn’t care. Heck, if it was actually just a bug, I wouldn’t care (it is, after all, a beta release). I care that they intentionally created a bad experience and were either too lazy or didn’t have enough time to create a Toby-less build or even just communicate it better within the game client. That’s just a really stupid decision.

Your frustration is noted, but as I understand it, at one time Toby was going to be PS4 exclusive in the full release. So be glad THAT isn’t a thing.

I do agree that Toby should not have even been visible in the roster or that there should have been a giant notice proclaiming him not available in game. This has caused a fair amount of confusion and frustration for people and could have been greatly ameliorated by doing so.