Toby and Whiskey Charges bug

@scottv, @Jythri, @JoeKGBX

I have brought this up several times in various threads but have had a hard time getting it noticed as Toby and Whiskey were often underused. Toby’s double jump dash charges and Whiskey’s Scrap Banker (scrap cannon charges) both suffer from the same bug. As you are building up a charge, if you use a charge that you already have, it resets the progress to the next charge.

For example, Toby’s boosts charge once every 8 seconds, if you just used 2, you would have one left and that second charge would start to refill. However, if at say, 6/8 seconds of recharge you use that last boost, you will then have to wait another 8 seconds for a charge to fill up instead of the remaining 2 seconds that you would have had had you waited. While short term this may not seem like a big deal, this can severely cut down on the number of uses each of these abilities gets in a match. Is this an intended design choice because keeping track of the charge is difficult or is it a new/known bug?

Additionally, I think if this got sorted out, giving oscar mike grenade charges in place of nade’s on nade’s could be an interesting idea but I wouldn’t recommend it if it were added in the state charge abilities are currently at.


Thanks for the heads up @Luck_Mod . I’ve sent this over to our QA team to repro and create a bug ticket.