Toby, Battleborn's Artillery

Toby the nicest penguin you will ever meet. His taunts signal that he doesn’t like confrontation and encourages you to be better which is pretty funny. I played multiple styles of Toby and notice he is more like an artillery kind of character. Gearbox suggested his playstyles is Adorable, Territorial, and Advance. They are spot on about him being territorial because Toby players will stand behind his shield and shoot from a distance - especially if they get the ability to buff shots that pass through the shield. I tried Toby for a couple matches and notice an immediate problem with his size. It makes him an easy target for range characters which means having to move Toby out of view can be very difficult. I was playing against a marquis and he would able to kill me due to the fact that Toby’s death machine was sticking out by the shoulder. I can’t really tell if his scale model is a problem or not. An sustainable aggressive team is toby’s worse nightmare. If the aggressive team spots a Toby planted somewhere, they can harass him throughout the game and force him to frequently reposition. This is why Toby was given a shield In the first place, to block off the incoming fire while he is behind his shield charging his shots. The way I used Toby was to stay behind lines in incursion and set up mines in the minion waves - whenever the opportunity was presented, I would charge my shots across the map at big mx elite and characters forcing them to return to base. Based on the few games I played with Toby I really enjoyed him and I believe he is well balanced character however expect certain characters to counter Toby - - Like marquis.

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Toby Playstyle