Toby Can't be played on PC or XBONE :(

First off, let me say I’ve been playing this game on PC. I have been enjoying it and unlocking new characters and trying them out is fun. For some reason though I can’t play as Toby even though I have unlocked him, I won 2 matchs as Orendi and 3 with Shayne & Aurox but still can’t select him. I even went to match history to see the game that I unlocked him in and still cannot select him. I’ve gone to the command says he is unlocked there, then go into a match and he is grayed out and it says I need to unlock him. Just curious if anyone else is having this issue, and nooooooo it isn’t that I’m getting into matches and people are picking him before me, I legit can’t select him.

Toby is an exclusive character to the PS4 beta. He will be out for everyone on full release but as of right now PC and Xbox players cannot use him.

Oh ok wow that explains it I have a PS4 and was in that beta, but now I’m on PC. Damn that sucks really wanted to arc mine some people.

That is a bummer…
As soon as I saw that cute little guy I wanted to play as him so bad.
I unlocked him and was all bummed out when I couldn’t select him.
Guess I’m just going to have to wait.

Rolls Eyes I guess Sony slipping Gearbox a few million under the table for 5 extra days of beta time for the PS4 wasn’t enough for them - this is honestly just sad (not that I blame Gearbox for taking the money lol).

Just for the record: I unlocked Toby through Command Levels, not through the challenge, and he was still locked.

I also actually went back and did a few matches with a Rogue character to get the Challenge completed, and yeah - still locked, even with BOTH unlock methods completed! n.nU

This was on the PC version FYI.