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Like most of you, or at least those who have PS4s, I’ve been enjoying the Battleborn open Beta (No worries for those on XBox One or PC! Only a couple days to go!) I’ve been particularly enjoying the Rogue Faction, and one of what my friends have been calling the Bird Bros, Toby. Now, under his description and appearance, Toby seems like he’d make a great Tank, along the lines of Montana, though to spare you all some of the trouble, I feel I should warn you, that is not necessarily the case.

Toby is tough, hands down, don’t get me wrong, but early game, no, he can’t soak up damage like other Tanks. What he CAN do though, is set up ambushes and control crowds like a champ!

His Force Field is semi effective in preventing damage, though up against bosses or swarms who are targeting the adorable ball of psychotic fluff and feathers, it just can’t hold up. Which is why it can be sometimes best for Toby to find a good spot where he can control the flow of battle- A bottleneck, a high vantage point, or some spot with good cover would all be effective. Drop the Force Field where you can get a good sight on the enemy, and snipe them with fully charge Rail Gun shots, dropping the Arc Mines wherever the enemies seem to pass through most! Your strategy may differ depending on your build, but I’ve found this to be highly effective when first getting used to the character.

Though, I do have to ask, has anyone figured out how to use the Self Destruct for the Lore Challenge? I’ve yet to get a single kill on it. Same is true for Core Discharge double kills, but that’s a matter of proper setup!

Anyone else have any views on our new favorite penguin? Other play styles or builds? I look forward to hearing them!

I’ve been playing the beta for several days and Toby is hands down my favorite character. I had the good fortune of getting the Double Hug gear, which essentially ignores the cooldown on his Arc Mine every other time he uses the ability while somewhat decreasing the damage. That lets me fight almost anyone one on one in close quarters since they’ll be taking 4 seconds of stun once I’m level 4 along with two arc mines and his basic attack. It also grants fantastic safety since I can escape from pretty much anyone should they flank my sniper’s nest.

I can’t stand his ult though; it slows him down so much and people have a tendency to dart to cover when they see the giant orange beam.

Also super curious as to his self-destruct, even went into a private match to see if his recall animation (which blows up Berg) does any damage, or if he explodes when he dies. From my brief experiment, neither counts.

It’s a Mutation on his Helix Tree. I have yet to actually kill anyone with it though as they tend to be father away from me when I’ve died when I was using the self-destruct.

That makes sense, I suppose. Does it do enough damage then to make killing with it just a question of how good you can kamikaze, or should I be dreading getting kills with something like a 150 damage death?

Might be easier to do if you get yourself stuck amidst a group of minions that have been damaged. I equipped the mutation to try it out but never actively went for the challenge.

i recently unlocked toby but it wont let me use him in any games how come?

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It’s because:

Blame Sony for brokering the deal with 2k if you want somebody to blame. All current Battleborn will be available once the game ships.

Sorry is this is the wrong place to put this but I can not unlock toby, I have completed the challenge for him and everything, but when at character selection it says I have yet to unlock him.

same here! Challenge completed, the character was unlocked in Command menu but when I’m in game it said Toby is locked. T.T Anyone with the problem? or is it just a bug?

He can be played only on PS4, for the moment :slight_smile:

Once again:

If you’re on the PS4, submit a support ticket or post in the bug forum.

i have toby unlocked but i can’t pick him whats up i restarted my game but he’s still locked ?


Defender, NOT A TANK!!!

Any tips for getting that lore completed that requires 10 doublekills with core discharge? Well other than finding a way to kill my team mates that seem to steal one of them whenever I get the opportunity to go for it?

I’ve yet to get a double kill, trying to kill minions which I thought I’ve done a few times. I also find it dumb that IU have to get a mutation to start working on a piece of lore, especially twenty kills on a last ditch effort ability.
I love the idea of Toby but he’s damn near useless without his shield out it seems, so once it pops I have to retreat.

Doublekills specifically apply to other players in PvP. This is what makes the lore challenge horrid due to how underwhelming core discharge is compounded with Toby’s other problems that are caused by his model design.

The self destruct one though was super easy. I just did Renegade and stood in the spawn platforms at the last defense objective. When the thralls finally killed me they all died too. Just make sure you’re doing this with the little ones. the bigger ones have enough health to survive the blast if they aren’t previously damaged.

Also I think the swarmers are good for this also but the only map I can recall having a ton of these somewhat late mission is the one where you guard the wolf sentry on the way to the portal to explode.

Finally got Killing on Rails completed and Mastered Toby…

So happy right now!

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Toby double stun is OP !!!

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Do you refer to his legendary + the stun upgrade?