Toby dlc changes and a Beatrix run

The update brought fixes to the Toby dlc but also some game changes.

This dlc is much more challenging now.

In the first elevator area there are Shield drones with the Strikers.

In the battle with Thaddeus there are lots of Boom Bots.

Doing this at 100 OPs with Beatrix was fun.
She melts the Bone Crushers faster than any other class.
If you spec for her melee she can kill with one hit and burst shard barrels with two hits.

I had 16 lives left, no deaths. What a girl :wink:


Given that I died twice with Caldarius attempting this before the update, but cleared it easily afterwards, I’m not entirely sure I’d agree with that!

I noticed that. Apparently, you don’t have to destroy them to clear the wave and advance the mission script. I had two left over after Reyna told me to get back on the elevator.

More than before? I only made it to 85 ops points because I failed some challenges along the way, but at that level there seemed to be a similar number.

I will have to take Beatrix there next. Ran ATR last night with a friend as my first ever game with B. It was fun.

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…Just did Attikus with her at 100 OPs, she did awesome until Aria, who killed her twice.
I think Bea is the slowest character now.
The gate that opens to the area with the MX Elite, she can’t reach the shards on the right before Aria’s cut scene.

I think so too. In OM dlc, It’s hard to reach that ops point chest (that drops down into the lava) on time with her. She needs sprint or movement speed gear badly.

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Keep in mind that Caldarius was buffed in the same update (some say too much), and that the Op seeming to remain unchanged difficulty-wise would be normal, considering that the buffs would compensate for the increase in difficulty.

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I have not seen this chest. Is it specific to a specific round, or is it one of those puzzle things?
Edit: NVM just saw the video posted by @MentalMars:

…Run fast when you can first move, it’s over the lava and only stays there for a second.

More than zero boom bots? Yup. Before the update there were zero boom bots in the final boss arena. Now there are a couple here and there in addition to the enemies who spawned before. This is speaking from multiple 100 ops points runs in the few days leading up to the winter update.

That said, it should very much be easier now than it was before, considering the 50% extra cooldown in PvE missions. Except for anyone who got nerfed, all PvE should be easier, which I think is why they added some extra minions.