Toby dlc completion bug?

Did it all with every character.
The 85 OPs points challenge for each character is 100%
Somehow the 40 OPs challenge with each character is not.
(Yes…Stop gawking at my massive amounts of credits)

Is it based on the number of points total, or the number acquired during the session? Because if you start at 50, getting to 85 means you only needed 35. (Although I suspect you personally would be getting 40-50 each session regardless!)

It’s also odd that you can get a zero score even with non-zero scores on the match statistics page. Apparently Battleborn math is hard?

The first challenge is for doing every character at 40 OPs
If you do every character at 85 OPs you already did 40 OPs. :wink:

…I’m going to check for each character see if one had a zero score bug, which would make a bit of sense.

Ghalt and Oscar Mike both had the zero score bug.
I’ll redo them both at 100 OPs. Hopefully that will do it.

NOPE Every character has a valid score now and over 85 OPs.
BB still shows one character missing on the 40 OPs challenge.


Put in a ticket. Once the game gives you “credit” you can’t get it again. The Coopetition bug didn’t fix itself with getting it again.

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IKR, but…Sick of opening tickets, they didn’t do anything about the last two I submitted.

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I’m so sorry I can’t help you but I hope you find an answer

I have the same problem actually. Noticed it last night. I’m going to keep playing BB but it does make me feel sad and not wanting to play anymore

When I tried so hard and now I can’t 100% something. Feeling sucks

From the looks of it you’ll have to run the operation for each other character until you find the right one that will trigger the challenge.

I’m doing that already and it doesn’t appear to.
Logic is, if it was bugged because of the zero score bug only Gearbox can fix it in the meta data server now.

I think the dlc is bugged tho, there are no badges for the scores, like the Attikus dlc has:
Here’s Ambra’s page…


I’m aware of the medals not working on the stats page for the DLC.
Next good guess would be your first few characters you played the DLC with when it came out. Unless you did them again or even remember what you played.

My Attikus for the Attikus Rebellion doesn’t have a medal either. Stat page is just unreliable at this point.

…I have indeed, several times: