Toby dlc Deande Ult glitch

OK, hardly a point in posting this since we know the Ult is seriously bugged but…

The Ronin spawns on the sides of the Engine room.

Use your Ult with your back to the large energy pipes.

I got teleported inside one!


Ah, another effect of the thin walls glitch (she should know after what happened with whiskey…)


Yea there are a lot of these fun places to do this.

Hint: try looking around for a nice thin wall on voids edge before you fight nix. It’ll give you a head start on levelling and is great for trolling friends.

Turbo hint: archive

Even turboer hint: monuments enemy sentry

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…Crackin up :smile:

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I really could go on like that for a while. There is so much you can do with this glitch.

What’s up Nemo, only way I could contact you and the fellas, I think, considering my PS4 is kinda…well out of reach atm.

Oh I see. What the hell happened and when will you be back? I’m having to let randoms have my back more often then not now.

Just some ■■■■ with the roommate I am living with, I dunno to be honest, we haven’t discussed anything. It might be a bit, but not a long time I hope

Aight. Get back here soon. Like, before the nineteenth. Cuz that’s when we get the winter update, Beatrix, and the next op

A release date? Finally

It’s seems Deande is back at it again with her broken ult. xD

When did she stop?

When the servers went down

Those server shutdowns were orchestrated by the spymistress herself.

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She stopped for a brief minute when her ult was on CD.

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