Toby dlc, kill the BoneCrusher with a skill

This challenge, like a few others, it is hard for some characters, but…

Just found out ISIC’s rotating wards will kill the BoneCrusher. :smile:
(Helix reflect option)

The BoneCrusher was chasing me, had rotating wards enabled, and as he let loose his own attack killed him.
Pleasant surprise


Also, if you use a barrel to kill an enemy, it also counts as a skill. My guess is they programmed it to be any non-buildable and non-primary/secondary attacks count as skills

Since ISIS’s charged cannon counts as skill damage, I wonder if killing the Bonecrusher (or any other skill-related objective) with it counts as a skill kill? Unfortunately, Whiskey’s ult does not.

I had problems with Ben and Whiskey.
There are tricks to killing the Ronin with melee also with some characters, default melee didn’t count.

I found it easy enough with Whiskey, though the 10 minions in 30 seconds challenge didn’t go too well.

I noticed too that on the first op that killing the pylons and snipers with Injection counted as a melee kill, strange things. I’m sure here are other oddities that we don’t know about yet.